The Secoda early stage program

The best way to manage your startup's data

Eligible startups get advanced Secoda features at a 90% discount.

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Why startups choose Secoda

Stop making things more complicated with multiple dashboards, slack channels, databases, google sheets and notion documents. Secoda is an all in one workspace for queries, dashboards, analysis, and metadata.

Integrate your data sources

Connect everything from your warehouse to your BIΒ tool in Secoda to automatically document your knowledge base with the information that lives across your data stack.

Document your data in one place

Document your columns, tables, metrics and metadata from one place. Secoda automatically generates 90% of the important information and lets you and your team collaborate on additional information.

Create a knowledge repository of analysis

Use Secoda's knowledge documents with built in, executable queries and charts to document ad-hoc analysis and additional knowledge your team creates.

Manage data requests from one place

Manage data requests in the same place that the rest of your knowledge lives. Instead of jumping between Jira, Slack, and Google forms, teams can manage the entire data requests process with Secoda.

Share your knowledge with your team

Tag people in documentation and collaborate with teammates directly in Secoda. Teams can finally share queries, analysis, metadata, data resources and metrics in one place.

Eligibility Requirements

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Early stage

βœ” Up to $1M in funding and less than 2 years old

New customer

βœ” Currently not a Secoda customer

Small team

βœ” 25 employees or less

Small data set

βœ” 2,500 data resources