The quickest way to discover company data

Finding internal data can be hard, messy, and complicated. That’s why we built Secoda - a hub to easily search and manage data across departments.

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The features that make data discovery simple

Secoda helps teams of all sizes manage their data with core features built to make finding, using and understanding data simple.

Data tagging

Organize your data through table and column level tags

Resource Discussions

Collaborate with your teammates directly on resources

Text-based search

Search for your data through a smart, text-based search

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Data dictionary

Create a data dictionary that stays up to date automatically

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Data lineage

Stay ahead of outdated documentation with automatic data lineage

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Stale data identification

Identify stale data easily with smart recommendations and notifications

Fast, No-Code Integration

Building a data hub can be challenging and time-consuming. With Secoda, you can integrate all your data sources with one button. All your data becomes accessible and transparent in seconds.

Get Started

Integrating data into Secoda takes less than 5 minutes. They make setting up your data catalog as easy as setting up Slack

Intuitive Text-Based Search

Ditch the outdated Confluence docs. Secoda keeps all your metadata up to date automatically. See metadata history, lineage, schema changes from one place.

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Searching for all my data has been a huge improvement. Before Secoda, I was visiting outdated Confluence pages to try to find this info. Now, it's always one search away.

Data Context at Your Fingertips

Secoda gives every employee the ability to find the information they need through a collaborative design. Every employee will be able to understand data through metadata, threads and lineage.

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It's so useful to have the ability to view metadata, threads and to see lineage on data resources in one place. Can't go back to how things were before Secoda.