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All your data knowledge in one place: metadata, lineage, analysis, queries, charts, requests & more.

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Before using Secoda

Our customers kept data documentation everywhere, and nothing worked. dbt and Snowflake for data cataloging, Google Sheets for events, Confluence for general knowledge, Slack to manage data requests, Jira, Github, emails, google docs, Asana, stickies on a wall, whiteboards, meeting after meeting, the list goes on and on.

Automatically generated ER Diagrams & column lineage

Secoda automatically creates ER diagrams for Postgres, MySQL, MS SQL, and Oracle databases. Secoda also generates column level lineage for data warehouses.

Track downstream and upsteam changes
Share your data model with new employees
Get notified when schema and tables change

Powerful Data Documents

Create data documents to highlight insights collected by the data team. Increase data discovery and reduce number of requests. Combines Notion-like documents with live queries and charts.

Live queries, charts and documents in one place
Tag resources, people or data definitions in your docs
Share analysis and data documents with your team

Comprehensive Data Dictionary

Document your data dictionary and reference your definitions throughout your knowledge base. See who created a definition, how to calculate it and what resources it references automatically.

Tag resources with data definitions
Search for your data knowledge directly in Slack.
Documentation and schema changes notifications

Effective Data Request Management

Instead of jumping between Jira, Slack, and Google Forms, teams can manage the entire data requests process with Secoda and never answer the same question twice. No more losing requests.

Push questions from Slack to Secoda
Automate repetitive questions and upvote the best answers
Collaborate on data knowledge as a team

Simple Data Catalog

Secoda's data catalog gives teams a complete view of metadata, lineage, data usage and more. Teams can connect their data and automatically get a data catalog in less than 5 minutes

No code integrations
Simple, text based, metadata search for all employees
Instant lineage, governance, PII tagging and insights

No code Integrations

Get started with Secoda in just a few minutes, with over 50 no code integrations

Make sense of all your data knowledge in minutes