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With AI-powered search, you can easily access all your company data and find answers to common questions with our modern data catalog.

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Get the benefits of ChatGPT with the context of your metadata

Level up your efficiency by enabling complex searches in natural language, while also providing insights, suggesting data sources, and identifying patterns. Simplify your data discovery process. Get more time back for you and your team.

AI data discovery at the speed of thought

With AI on top of your metadata, you can now get contextual search results from across your tables, columns, dashboards, metrics, queries, etc, and generate queries from those answers. Get answers to questions like “Can I drop customers_id without impacting other data?”

Turn text to SQL

Convert natural language into SQL using your existing column and table definitions in Secoda. The more you document, the more accurate your recommendations will be.

Auto generate docs

Secoda will auto generate data documentation for table descriptions, column descriptions and dictionary terms. Spend less time documenting and more time on sharing insights.

Auto tag PII data

Automatically find, tag, and govern PII data across your assets so you can confidently share Secoda with anyone on the team without worrying about compromising data governance.

Auto tag columns

Secoda's smart AI recommendations allow you to propagate column changes to related fields automatically, saving you time and getting you back to the things you care about.

"Secoda AI lets me reduce the time my team spends on documentation by 90%"

Tidiane NDIR

Chief Data Officer

Your personal AI data assistant

The AI co-pilot for your data

Get the functionality of ChatGPT combined with the context of your metadata for you to use right in Slack. Stop answering the same question twice, get immediate answers to questions, power self-serve data consumers, and more.

Multi-lingual, AI powered search on top of your metadata

Secoda AI lets anyone at a company, regardless of technical ability, answer any data question at the speed of thought - in any language. It brings business teams closer to their data by removing the technical barriers that would previously prevent them from making faster decisions.

The first LLM powered data discovery solution

Secoda AI integrates LLM with a chat-based interface to give data teams the easiest and most comprehensive way of discovering data. Automate documentation, write dbt code, let business users answer their own questions, and take the grunt work out of your day-to-day.

Integrate our AI enabled software with your entire data stack

Secoda easily integrates across your end-to-end data stack. Upgrade your workflow by seamlessly connecting into the tools you already use like Slack and Jira. Need something else? You have the flexibility to build custom integrations with our API.


What are the security practices in place?

The data within the resource does not leave the workspace. The only data sent to OpenAI is the metadata in your workspace. Metadata is defined as properties and documentation describing your resources, including Owners, Tags, Descriptions, Definitions, Popularity, Resource Names, etc. Learn more here

Does Secoda have a Chrome extension?

Yes. With the Secoda Chrome extension, you can find and edit Secoda metadata directly in the most popular BI and data warehouse tools such as Looker, Tableau, Snowflake, BigQuery, and more. Learn more here

Is data shared between workspaces?

Absolutely not. All metadata is specific to your workspace and is not shared or accessible by anyone who isn't granted access to your workspace. You cannot ask the AI Assistant about metadata that is not in your workspace.

Is Secoda AI GDPR compliant?

AI Assistant leverages OpenAI. OpenAI is GDPR compliant and takes data privacy very seriously. They have implemented measures to ensure compliance with GDPR and other data privacy laws, such as providing users with the ability to delete their data and implementing data protection impact assessments.

How does Secoda AI work?

With a chat-based interface, think of it as ChatGPT for your data stack. It lets anyone at a company, regardless of technical ability, answer any data question at the speed of thought. We use our integrations/metadata to power a search model that is fed into Chat GPT with specific LLM prompts to act as a data assistant for anyone that has any questions about data.

How can you use AI for data analysis?

Secoda AI can tell you what things mean across your database, dashboards, metrics, queries etc;
write queries to certain tables and explain queries;
tell you what are relationships between tables for natural language lineage analysis; write dbt / airflow / sql / LookML code with context about your data stack; and more
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