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Designed for scalability. We don’t charge based on resources or tables connected. Bundle your data management tools and save money and time.


Modular pricing built to scale as your team grows

Starting at $250 per month

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Basic Includes:

  • Up to 4 integrations
  • Data catalog
  • Table lineage
  • Data requests
  • Data dictionary
  • Cost analytics

10% discount for annual commitments available. For basic accounts, we offer multiple pricing models to allow you to decide between flexibility or predictability.


A powerful all-in-one data management platform built for scale.

Starting at $750 per month

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Everything in Basic, plus:

  • Unlimited integrations
  • Unlimited viewers
  • Automations
  • Data monitoring
  • Advanced support
  • Secoda AI

Our pricing is based on usage and commitment. Our product is competitive with industry leaders and offers a complete, cost-saving solution.


Customized solutions for data-driven organizations.

Custom pricing

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Everything in Core, plus:

  • Premium support
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • Audit log 
  • Single tenancy 
  • Custom invitation links
  • Single sign-on

Built for teams that have additional security, deployment or usage requirements. We offer self hosting, private networks and can scale to meet enterprise capacity.


Customized solutions for data-driven organizations.


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Everything in Business, plus:

  • Unlimited editors & admins
  • Unlimited viewers
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Self-hosted environment
  • Dedicated support
  • Custom invitation links
  • Git integration
  • Custom training and onboarding
  • Fine-grained access control
  • SAML directory sync
  • Single-tenant VPC
  • Okta and AD group mapping

Trusted by data teams worldwide.

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“With over 15 thousand tables in BigQuery, Secoda is the only way we can sustain a precise level of data management"

Richard Hondrich

 Head of Data and Analytics


Why is data governance software important?

Admins and Editors on Secoda can view most frequently used datasets and user’s most recently opened resources. Secoda provides insight on what the most frequently asked questions from your team are, empowering admins to be proactive about their data documentation.

What are the benefits of using a data portal?

Secoda is an all in one platform for your data knowledge. Unlike alternatives, Secoda's data portal allows anyone on your team to easily search, understand and use company data, regardless of their familiarity with data. Some of the benefits include: improved data literacy, faster on onboarding to data, and better visibility and governance.

Does Secoda have an API?

Yes, Secoda has an API for our docs, collections, lineage, dictionary, catalog and questions. The API can be accessed on our Business and Enterprise plans.

Which data warehouse tools can I integrate with Secoda?

Secoda integrations with Snowflake, Big Query, Redshift, Databricks, Postgres, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL and S3. For more information about our integration, you can visit our integration docs.

Does Secoda integrate with Okta or Active Directory?

Yes, Secoda has the ability to connect with tools like Okta and Active Directory to manage your permissions from your RBAC tools. This way, you can confidently share Secoda knowing that the right people are seeing the right information.

Which BI tools can I integrate with Secoda?

Secoda integrations with Tableau, Looker, Metabase, Redash, Mode, Sigma, Power BI and Google Data Studio. For more information about our integration, you can visit our integration docs.

Does Secoda work with dbt?

Yes, Secoda works with both dbt Cloud and Core. Secoda is able to take the information from your YAML file and present it in your data discovery platform. In addition, Secoda also brings in dbt tests, tags, metrics and column level lineage into Secoda.

Does Secoda automate data lineage?

Secoda automates column and table level data lineage. In additional, Secoda also brings in tests, events and ETL into data lineage. All of Secoda's lineage is automated, but users can also manually contribute to lineage using Secoda's API.

Does Secoda include data monitoring or quality?

Secoda consolidates your data monitoring and observability, catalog, lineage, and documentation in one central platform so you can reduce complexity and save budget.

Does Secoda integrate with Git?

Yes, Secoda integrates with Git and provides a version control for all changes made in Secoda in Git. This allows data teams to have a version of all metadata changes in Github or Gitlab and roll back changes if needed. In addition, data teams are able to merge changes to a metadata and review changes to their workspace in Git using Secoda.

What metadata does Secoda extract?

Secoda does not pull in your data. Instead, Secoda pulls in metadata about your data. For a majority of the integrations connected to Secoda, this means Secoda pulls in resource names, popularity, lineage, queries, descriptions and frequent usage. For more information about our integration, you can visit our integration docs.