All-in-one Tool for Better Data Enablement

Secoda makes your data team more efficient and empowers everyone to explore, ask, and discover company data.

Simple, no code set up

Secoda integrates with all the most popular data warehouses and tools used by modern teams.

Start for free

Manage your data like a team 5 times your size

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Connect your sources

Each connection takes less than 5 minutes to configure


Schedule your sync

Choose how often you want your metadata to be synced


Add context to your metadata

Add context to your metadata with tags, docs and queries


Publish your workspace

Publish your data portal and invite your teammates

Enhance Your Data Team’s Workflow

Secoda pulls metadata from your data sources to create documentation automatically, so you can consistently get the information you need and remove the manual work of documentation.

Help your team understand what data resources are useful to them with column profiling, dictionary terms, and the data documentation.

Identify and Reduce Data Debt Across Your System

Admins and Editors on Secoda can view most frequently used datasets and user’s most recently opened resources.

Secoda provides insight on what the most frequently asked questions from your team are, empowering admins to be proactive about their data documentation.

Improves Company Data Knowledge & Strategy

One place for all of your data questions and requests, all searchable and documented for others who have the same questions down the line.

Secoda allows you to submit a question to your data team from Slack, where you’ll be notified on the progress of it. Get visibility on if your data team has seen your request and who is responsible for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Secoda simplify make data enablement easier?


Better Data Enablement is a service designed to provide you with the tools you need to access and analyze data from a variety of sources. It delivers the best practices from our team of experts, as well as the latest innovations in data science technology, so that you can quickly and easily make better business decisions about your company's future.

What does data enablement mean?


Better data enablement means that businesses can get the right information to the right people at the right time, so they can make decisions that are based on facts rather than assumptions. It also means that businesses can access the data they need to make those decisions in real time, so they don't have to wait for reports or insights that may be out of date by the time they're ready to act on them.

Does Secoda work with dbt?


Yes, Secoda works with both dbt Cloud and Core. Secoda is able to take the information from your YAML file and present it in your data discovery platform. In addition, Secoda also brings in dbt tests, tags, metrics and column level lineage into Secoda.

Does Secoda include data monitoring or quality?


Secoda does not have data monitoring or quality features built into the native integrations. Although Secoda doesn't have monitoring built natively, tools like great expectations and dbt tests can be brought into Secoda to manage data monitoring within the lineage UI.

Make sense of all your data knowledge in minutes