Central data governance platform

It’s time to rethink data governance. Secoda simplifies how organizations enable secure access to the best data in today’s modern data stacks.

Trusted by data teams worldwide.

Build data integrity and trust

Manage your data governance across your data stack. Control who has access to what data assets internally and externally with granular RBAC

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The only true AI powered data governance platform

Mitigate risks with automation, permissions and more. Automatically identify PII and ensure documentation is always kept up to date.

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Keep your resources up to date

Automatically identify the most popular and any undocumented tables, columns, or dashboards.

Mitigate Risks With Automation, Permissions & More

Experience seamless control over user permissions, streamlined access management, and efficient security checks—all centralized in one user-friendly platform.

Instantly find and tag PII across your entire data stack

Automatically identify PII and efficiently enforce data governance at scale.

Automate data governance workflows

Automatically discover, categorize, tag, and regulate sensitive data across your resources. Securely collaborate with any team member using Secoda, free from concerns about data governance breaches.

Integrates with your whole stack

Out of the box connections and flexible APIs.

“With over 15 thousand tables in BigQuery, Secoda is the only way we can sustain a precise level of data management"

Richard Hondrich

 Head of Data and Analytics

Balance collaboration with security

Ensure data integrity without sacrificing speed. Secoda makes it easy to have everyone on the same page.

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Modern version control

Secoda integrates with Git so you can easily track changes, collaborate, and ensure data integrity.

Workspace organization

Teams, collections, and documents make it easy to curate and organize your data knowledge

Role-based permissions

Admins can grant appropriate data access to individuals and teams to ensure each business unit sees only what they need to.

Upholding industry-leading security standards

SOC 2 compliant

Secoda is SOC 2 Type 1 and 2 compliant. The way we process and store client data is secure and protected, based on standards set by the AICPA.

Self-hosted environment

You can host Secoda in a self-hosted environment, behind your own VPN, and in your own VPC. Deploy via Terraform or Docker.


Sign in with the services you already use, including Google and Microsoft SSO, Okta, MFA and SAML

SSH tunneling

Securely move data from your private databases to Secoda with SSH tunneling.

Auto PII tagging

Get control to remove or leave out sensitive datasets from your syncs or mark it automatically in Secoda.

Data encryption

Data managed with Secoda is fully encrypted in transit and at rest. We do not see the data we are moving.


Why is data governance software important?

Admins and Editors on Secoda can view most frequently used datasets and user’s most recently opened resources.

Secoda provides insight on what the most frequently asked questions from your team are, empowering admins to be proactive about their data documentation. See our guides for best practices for running a data governance program

What is data governance?

Data governance is the practice and concept of managing data throughout its lifecycle. This includes gathering, understanding, protecting, and leveraging your data.

What is a metadata audit?

Metadata audits ensure that your data is secure and protected against threats. Metadata audits are a critical part of the data governance process, and should be performed regularly in order to ensure the accuracy of your metadata.

Why is data lineage important?

Automated data lineage is the process of tracking the lifecycle of data assets. This includes the origin of data, transformations, movement across applications and systems, and destinations. Without data lineage processes in place, it can be difficult for organizations to pinpoint where data errors and inaccuracies are coming from and where data is going.

Does Secoda include data monitoring or quality?

Secoda consolidates your data monitoring and observability, catalog, lineage, and documentation in one central platform so you can reduce complexity and save budget.