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It is imperative to make decisions at the pace of business. Secoda helps accomplish this. All users - from business users to data scientists and analysts can quickly find and use trustworthy data

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Secoda is the place to search company data. We’ve built Secoda as a single place for all incoming data and metadata, a single source of truth. The goal of Secoda is to help employees find and understand the right information as quickly as possible. Secoda doesn’t only add context to data, it goes beyond that.

Secoda tracks the relationships between people and data to help you to visualize all the interactions between the different collaborators of the enterprise. This allows Secoda to identify who owns data, who is affected by changes, what tables are most commonly used together and the commonly used resources by team or individual.

What our customers are saying

Secoda is the first workspace built for data teams. Every feature and interaction is designed with data teams in mind, which means speed. Secoda combines data dictionary, data catalogue, data requests, data docs search, and data management compliance in a delightful experience, always connected to your data stack.

Secoda has made it way easier to understand what data we have and how to best make use of it. It's a game-changer!

Business Intelligence Engineer

Secoda works really well with our evolving data stack. It gives our data science and data engineering teams the ability to work on building a common company knowledge instead of storing everything in our heads.

Head of Data Science

Secoda has made it way easier to onboard new employees at 7Shifts. Analysts are able to become operational in 10x less time. I wish I had Secoda when I first onboarded!

Manager of Analytics

Building a Data-Driven Business has never been easier

Data search as simple as Google

Secoda pulls metadata from your data sources to a home page that anyone can search through, so you can consistently get the information you need and remove the data bottleneck.

Help your team understand what data resources are useful to them with simple - yet powerful - data search across all your resources.

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Build a knowledge base around data

One place for all of your data knowledge and information, all searchable and documented for others who have the same questions down the line.

Collaborate around data at scale and increase efficiency. Secoda's knowledge base means that your team can spend more time building and less time answering the same questions or searching for internal data.

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Create a common data language

Secoda central data dictionary and analysis tools allow teams to add context and insight on what the most used terms from your team.

By centralizing data documentation in one place, teams are empowered to be proactive about their data documentation.

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Connect to anything

Connect to most databases or anything with a REST or API. Secoda empowers you to work with all of your data sources seamlessly in one app.

Your data is always stored by you. When a query is run, the Secoda backend proxies the request to your backend. We don't store any of the data!

Simple, no code set up

Secoda integrates with all the most popular data warehouses and tools used by modern teams.

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Each connection takes less than 5 minutes to configure


Schedule your sync

Choose how often you want your metadata to be synced


Add context to your metadata

Add context to your metadata with tags, docs and queries


Publish your workspace

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Make sense of all your data knowledge in minutes