The easiest way to manage data requests and tickets

Build a data requests process integrated into Slack, Linear and Jira that keeps track of all questions, docs, knowledge and metadata in the same searchable repository.

Trusted by data teams worldwide.

Automate 40% of your data requests

Imagine the functionality of ChatGPT combined with the context of your metadata.

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A seamless data request process

When a data request is made, Secoda can help you assign tasks to co-workers, so you'll always know which person is working on what. Secoda will help keep your team organized with real-time updates on all projects so everyone knows what's going on at any given moment

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Never answer the same question twice

Secoda provides a centralized location for collecting and organizing data requests so data teams never have to answer the same question twice.

Connect Slack, Linear, and Jira for better ticket management

One place for all of your data questions and requests, all searchable and documented for others who have the same questions down the line. Secoda integrates with your current workflows to help you manage data requests on Slack, Linear, or Jira.

The AI co-pilot for your data

Get the functionality of ChatGPT combined with the context of your metadata for you to use right in Slack. Stop answering the same question twice, get immediate answers to questions, power self-serve data consumers, and more.

Simple no-code integrations

Out of the box connections and flexible APIs.

"With Secoda, we can see all of our metadata in one place and build a single source of truth to enable self-serve analytics. These are huge time savings.”

Amit Jain

Technical Director, Data Systems

Upholding industry-leading security standards

SOC 2 compliant

Secoda is SOC 2 Type 1 and 2 compliant. The way we process and store client data is secure and protected, based on standards set by the AICPA.

Self-hosted environment

You can host Secoda in a self-hosted environment, behind your own VPN, and in your own VPC. Deploy via Terraform or Docker.


Sign in with the services you already use, including Google and Microsoft SSO, Okta, MFA and SAML

SSH tunneling

Securely move data from your private databases to Secoda with SSH tunneling.

Auto PII tagging

Get control to remove or leave out sensitive datasets from your syncs or mark it automatically in Secoda.

Data encryption

Data managed with Secoda is fully encrypted in transit and at rest. We do not see the data we are moving.

Trusted by data-driven teams worldwide

Explore workflows from some of the best data-driven teams.

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Panasonic uses Secoda to connect their data infrastructure


Can users submit questions through Slack?

Yes, users can submit questions through Slack and Secoda will bring them into your workspace. Once questions are answered in Secoda, users who submitted a question will get a thread in Slack with the answer.

How does Secoda integrate with Jira and Linear?

Yes, Secoda syncs data requests to help data teams create a central knowledge repository for all employees to search. That way, employees trying to use data can get the insights they need to ship better product up to 10x faster.

Does Secoda let the same question get asked twice?

No, Secoda's data ticketing workflow identifies similar results to your query and ensures that employees don't ask something that has been answered before.

Can any user answer questions in Secoda?

Any user can answer and reply to questions in Secoda but only admins and editors can verify an answer as the correct answer.