Business operations

Easy and secure data sharing

Complement your data communication with verified data information, so regardless of where—or when—your employees are working, they stay connected and aligned to the most important information.

Trusted by data teams worldwide.

Automate documentation

Secoda automates documentation across your data stack by integrating with multiple data sources, automatically cataloging data assets, and maintaining real-time, searchable metadata for enhanced governance and visibility.

Data Questions & Requests

One place for all of your data questions and requests, all searchable and documented for others who have the same questions down the line.

Secoda allows you to submit a question to your data team from Slack, where you’ll be notified of the progress of it. Get visibility on if your data team has seen your request and who is responsible for it.

Know where to prioritize

Admins and Editors on Secoda can view most frequently used datasets and user’s most recently opened resources.

Secoda provides insight on what the most frequently asked questions from your team are, empowering admins to be proactive about their data documentation.

Integrates with your whole stack

Out of the box connections and flexible APIs.