Data consumers

The easiest way to find answers

Give your team the power of search for all your company data. Align on metrics, common questions, and company data knowledge faster using Secoda as your team's central source of truth.

Trusted by data teams worldwide.

Improve your data knowledge as a data consumer

Secoda pulls metadata from your data sources to create documentation automatically, so you can consistently get the information you need and remove the manual work of documentation. Help your team understand what data resources are useful to them with column profiling, dictionary terms, and the data documentation.

Why data consumers should use Secoda

One place for all of your data questions and requests, all searchable and documented for others who have the same questions down the line. Secoda allows you to submit a question to your data team from Slack, where you’ll be notified on the progress of it. Get visibility on if your data team has seen your request and who is responsible for it.of the time.

The Secoda difference for data consumers

Easily find and understand company data

Never ask the same question twice

Use data without relying on your data team

What are the benefits of using a single data discovery tool?

A data catalog offers data consumers easy access to a trustworthy data source directory. Data consumers can get answers to their own questions without having to go to the data team - saving both parties time.

Integrates with your whole stack

Out of the box connections and flexible APIs.