Data discovery, simplified

Secoda is a platform that helps teams access the right context about data faster. Find updated metadata, documentation, related resources and lineage in seconds, all without leaving your workflow.

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Bring clarity to your team's data

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Find the right data 10x faster

Secoda gives everyone a simple search bar to find metadata. Search for tables, columns, or other data resources. Quickly see context about the data, like its description, tags, popularity, and more.

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Collaborate across all departments

Share documentation, queries and other important information easily. With Secoda, teams get one central place to document data, with all important information available at their fingertips.

Automated data documentation

Finding the right data source is only half the battle. With Secoda, analysts and data engineers can trust that their data will stay documented with our auto documentation features.

Speed up data discovery

Secoda automates the process of keeping data documentation up-to-date and makes finding the right information as easy as a Google search. See more

Text-based search

Search for all your data in one central place through a fast and simple search.

Automated documentation

All important metadata is automatically updated.

No code integrations

Integrate your ETL, BI tool, warehouse & transformation layer easily.

Slack app

Stay ahead of changes in documentation & metadata through Slack notifications.

Data discovery built into your workflow

Integrate Secoda with Slack to stay ahead of changes
Get notified of outdated, undocumented and duplicate data
Get alerts to changes in documentation & metadata

Keep track of all your metadata in one place

With Secoda, everything will be organized in one place. Your team will be able to share information with each other and you’ll be on top of things, all without having to lift a finger.