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Secoda is the hub for your data knowledge to help you share and document your data knowledge, get insights into its impact. Built so data teams never have to answer the same question twice again.

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Manage and document your metadata

Secoda keeps all your data automatically documented so you never have to worry about documentation getting out of date ever again. Document your columns, tables, metrics and metadata from one place.

Document metrics and data definitions

Ditch Confluence to use Secoda's knowledge documents with built in, executable queries and charts to document queries, charts and additional knowledge your team creates.

Integrate with your existing tools

Secoda is built directly on top of the data and communication tools you already use.

With bi-directional support for your existing systems, stakeholders can continue to engage in their solutions of choice, with Secoda keeping a record of all conversations in line with your reports and visualizations.

Share data knowledge with your team

Creates groups for access control, tag people in documentation, and collaborate with teammates directly in Secoda. Teams can finally share queries, analysis, metadata, data resources and metrics in one place.

Never answer the same question twice

Manage data requests in the same place that the rest of your knowledge lives. Instead of jumping between Jira, Slack, and Google forms, teams can manage the entire data requests process with Secoda.