Data Discovery, Simplified

Organize and automate all of your data documentation, definitions, and data governance on one intuitive platform.

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Move faster with better data

Give employees easy, automated access to the data information they need – whether it's data documentation, business metrics, or just a general data questions.

Simple search

Secoda lets any employee search through their data using a simple, text based search

Built for collaboration

Secoda is built for the entire organization. All employees can collaborate in one central place.

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Automated documentation

Secoda automatically documents data to make sure nothing ever gets out of out of date again.

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No code integrations

Teams only need 5 minutes to setup Secoda with the easy to implement integrations.

The easiest way to discover company data

With Secoda, everything will be organized in one place. Your team will be able to share information with each other and you’ll be on top of things, all without having to lift a finger.

Built for the entire organization

Data and analytics engineers

Data engineers can dig deep with Secoda to understand lineage, data definitions and dependencies.

Business users

Product managers, marketers and developers can use Secoda to find and understand company data.

Team leads

Managers can align teams with common business terms captured in Secoda and keep track of the teams resources in one place.

New hires

New hires can use Secoda to onboard quickly. Understand key business terms, tables and definitions without pinging everyone on Slack

Put data documentation on autopilot

Secoda keeps all your data automatically documented so you never have to worry about documentation getting out of date ever again.

Auto-generate data lineage, related tables, and other key information
Get notified of outdated, undocumented and duplicate data
Create and manage a data dictionary in minutes

Integrate all your data in seconds

Building a data catalog can be challenging and time-consuming. With Secoda, you can integrate all your data sources with one button. All your data becomes accessible and transparent in seconds.

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