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Secoda provides an automated, central source of truth for data discovery, lineage, documentation, governance, and monitoring.

Data Discovery & Automation

Secoda automatically visualizes lineage from all data sources in your data stack. You also have the flexibility to add manual lineage nodes through a user friendly drag-and-drop interface. Secoda’s lineage feature works on both column and table levels and provides notifications for changes to owners downstream via Slack.

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Choosing a consolidated cataloging solution will let you  save on both complexity and money.

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Data Governance & Security

Role based access controls (RBAC), version control, publishing workflows, and centralized team assignments are all standard in Secoda.

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Ease of Use

Secoda is tailored for both technical and non-technical users, featuring a robust and intuitive LLM-powered search function for efficient information retrieval.

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Why People Choose Secoda versus Competitors Like Castordoc?

When businesses are choosing a data catalog tool, they want to make sure the tool will have all the features they need. Secoda provides this and more. When compared to Castordoc, Secoda offers more features such as:

Charting + querying abilities

Secoda’s charting and querying abilities are second to none. You can easily access our advanced charting and querying tools and anyone on your team can understand how to use them. Your users will always be able to request the data they need and create charts, graphs, and more.

Unlimited viewers + guests

Unlike Castordoc, Secoda doesn’t charge you more for viewers. You can have unlimited viewers and guests, so you can collaborate with the right people and your teams have no obstacles to sharing the data they need to share. This also makes it easy to scale Secoda with your business.

Simple, no code set up

Secoda is incredibly simple to set up and requires no coding. You can get Secoda set up and integrated with your current software stack in just minutes, so your team can get back to work.

Customer links and invitations

If you’re needing to share data and analytics with your customers, just use Secoda’s features for customer links and invitations.

Workspace analytics

Secoda provides tools for workspace analytics, so your team can get in-depth information about your company data.

Version control with Git

Easily integrate Secoda with Git and use version control to merge or roll back changes as necessary.

Data Q&A and Requests

Any team member with access can Q&A data and make data requests. This saves time for your data team and helps the rest of your company be less reliant on data teams to move projects forward. No more bottlenecks and no more requests that pile up or slip through the cracks.

Flexible, Notion-like docs

Secoda provides intuitive and flexible Notion-like docs that help your team collaborate, document data requests, and much more. Everyone will see the same information and updates.

Confluence / Jira integrations

Secoda allows you to integrate all of the tools you already use. Unlike Castordoc, you can integrate tools like Jira and Confluence, so workflows remain uninterrupted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Secoda?


Here are some of the key advantages of Secoda: Secoda makes your company data searchable; anyone at your company can discover and understand data, making data democratization possible; Secoda is a holistic platform. Everyone on your team can collaborate and access in-depth data knowledge, increasing data literacy and empowering employees to utilize data; Secoda makes it easy to integrate the tools you use most; and Secoda is easy to set up, allowing you to sign up, connect your integrations, and get started in minutes.

How is Secoda different from Castor?


Secoda offers an array of benefits over Castordoc. When you choose Secoda, you’ll get advanced charting and querying abilities, unlimited viewers, simple setup, data Q&A and requests, and more.

Here are some of the other ways Secoda is different:
Customer links and invitations - Share data with customers and collaborate with external teams
Workspace analytics - Get in-depth analytics about your data
Version control with Git - Get version control for changes in Git
Flexible, Notion-like docs - Make documentation and collaboration easy with Notion-like docs
API access - Get access to the Secoda API

What makes Secoda a better alternative to Castor?


Secoda is a better alternative to Castordoc in numerous areas. Secoda is a business-user-first platform, making it easy to search company data, collaborate with teams, save your data team time, and much more.

What metadata does Secoda extract?


Secoda does not pull in your data. Instead, Secoda pulls in metadata about your data. For a majority of the integrations connected to Secoda, this means Secoda pulls in resource names, popularity, lineage, queries, descriptions and frequent usage. For more information about our integration, you can visit our integration docs.