Know your data like the back of your hand

Whether you're in the office, working from home, or anywhere else, product managers should never feel out of the loop.

With Slack integrations and more, Secoda improves data communication and makes information from all over the company accessible to everyone, whenever they need it.

The Secoda Difference

Data driven teams love Secoda. See what they have to say about us.

Automated Documentation

Automate your teams documentation efforts and help them focus on their most important work

Data collaboration

Collaborate as a team on all your data knowledge. Create a repository for new employees to access

Faster onboarding

Onboard onto data faster by understanding what data others are using and how they are using it.

What our customers are saying

Secoda is the first workspace built for data teams. Every feature and interaction is designed with data teams in mind, which means speed. Secoda combines data dictionary, data catalogue, data requests, data docs search, and data management compliance in a delightful experience, always connected to your data stack.

Secoda has made it way easier to understand what data we have and how to best make use of it. It's a game-changer!

Business Intelligence Engineer

Secoda works really well with our evolving data stack. It gives our data science and data engineering teams the ability to work on building a common company knowledge instead of storing everything in our heads.

Head of Data Science

Secoda has made it way easier to onboard new employees at 7Shifts. Analysts are able to become operational in 10x less time. I wish I had Secoda when I first onboarded!

Manager of Analytics

Manage your data like a team 5 times your size

Understand your data

Secoda gives you a complete view of every data asset, so you can be confident that your team is using the right information to analyze the product and can confidently use data without relying on the data team.

Secoda provides a single location for business knowledge and corresponding data, lineage, and metrics, enabling cross-departmental access to business critical information.

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Find your data easily

Tap into historical knowledge, collect feedback from across departments, and develop a product roadmap by breaking down siloed information.

Secoda allows you to search for any piece of data knowledge in one place. All your queries, docs, dictionary terms, data and questions in one single view.

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Engage with data

Reduce distractions and problem resolution time with centralized data knowledge. Ensure a smooth launch by sharing launch day plans and the “go live” process with centralized information for everyone to access.

‍Boost the collective d capabilities of your team. Smash silos and catalyze cross-team collaboration.

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Connect to anything

Connect to most databases or anything with a REST or API. Secoda empowers you to work with all of your data sources seamlessly in one app.

Your data is always stored by you. When a query is run, the Secoda backend proxies the request to your backend.

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Used by data-centric companies everywhere

Simple, no code set up

Secoda integrates with all the most popular data warehouses and tools used by modern teams.

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Connect your sources

Each connection takes less than 5 minutes to configure


Schedule your sync

Choose how often you want your metadata to be synced


Add context to your metadata

Add context to your metadata with tags, docs and queries


Publish your workspace

Publish your data portal and invite your teammates

Built for data security & privacy

SOC 2 Compliant

Secoda is SOC 2 complaint. The way we process and store client data is secure and protected, based on standards set by the AICPA.

Host in a self-hosted environment

You can host Secoda in a self-hosted environment, behind your own VPN, and in your own VPC. Deploy via Terraform or Docker.


Sign in with the services you already use, including Google and Microsoft SSO, Okta, MFA and SAML

SSH Tunnelling

Securely move data from your private databases to Secoda with SSH tunnelling.

Auto PII Tagging

Get control to remove or leave out sensitive datasets from your syncs or mark it automatically in Secoda

Data encryption

The managed with Secoda is fully encrypted in transit and at rest. We do not see the data we are moving.

Make sense of all your data knowledge in minutes