Automate 40% of Data Requests with the Secoda AI + Slack Integration

Secoda is introducing a new AI Slack integration. This integration empowers data teams to automate 40% of data requests. Learn more here.
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May 2, 2024

Today, Secoda released a new AI powered Slack bot that can enable data teams to automate up to 40% of their most common data requests. The new Slack integration brings Secoda AI's intelligent data discovery directly into Slack channels. Now data teams and non-technical data consumers can effortlessly interact, search for answers, and ask questions using natural language.

How Secoda AI Can Help

We spoke to customers and users in the community about common data requests, and on average, up to 40% of daily requests received by a data team are related to definitions, identifying data sources, lineage, and discovery. The Secoda AI Slack integration will make data teams more efficient because it enables those outside of the data team to self-serve these requests. It helps business stakeholders quickly and effortlessly find answers to their data-related questions, by reducing dependency on manual data retrieval and analysis.

For data teams, this means:

  • Stop answering the same question twice
  • Protection against context switching
  • Reclaiming time to focus on higher impact initiatives

For data consumers, this means:

  • Get immediate answers to questions
  • Self-serve data discovery
  • Self-serve query generation

Here are some examples of requests that you can make directly in Slack:

  • What reports can I use to see customer lifetime value?
  • What is the most recent revenue dashboard?
  • How can I query {insert table name}?
  • Analyze the metadata of the {insert table name} table to identify the most frequently accessed columns.
  • How do we define MRR?
  • Write a query to calculate monthly user growth for the last 6 months
  • Write documentation for the {insert specific topic, e.g., sales performance} dataset, including its structure, data sources, and usage guidelines.
  • And many more

Additional Benefits

Secoda AI is the easiest way to search your data. Imagine using ChatGPT for your data stack - in any language. With OpenAI on top of your metadata, you can now get contextual search results from across your tables, columns, dashboards, metrics, queries, etc, and generate queries from those answers.

Get answers to questions like “If I update the definition of my customer_segment, how does this impact other data?” Secoda AI integrates the power of ChatGPT, with access to your metadata, and exposes it in a workflow that data consumers already use (Slack), to give data teams the easiest and most comprehensive way of making their company data discoverable. 

Say goodbye to manual documentation. Automate dbt code, empower business users to find answers independently, and free up your time from mundane tasks. Secoda AI revolutionizes your day-to-day operations.

Secoda is the first data catalog in the space to release an embedded AI assistant that is actually helpful, contextual, and valuable to my team. It's really a pleasure to use. Secoda AI lets me reduce the time my team spends on documentation by 90% so we can spend it on higher value projects. Right now, we're using it to describe our data across our entire warehouse by generating descriptions and context based on column and table names. An added bonus is that it is multilingual. We've been able to ask questions and generate SQL and other documentation in French - this isn't possible with Google Bard. Having the ability to quickly provide context to our new team members, as well as business users, is where Secoda AI really shines for us.” - Tidiane Ndir, Chief Data Officer at

Secoda AI's Slack integration is now available to all customers. To learn more about this new feature and how it can benefit your data team, visit or book a custom demo here

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