Top Data Trends for 2024

Modern data teams are focusing on privacy, governance and more. Here are data trends you can expect to see this year and how they can benefit your business.
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May 2, 2024

Data-related technology is constantly changing and evolving. In a world where data is more essential than ever, businesses need to keep up with the latest trends. But keeping up with these trends isn’t always the easiest task. In this blog, we’ll be going over some of the top data trends you can expect to see in 2024. From AI and machine learning to data privacy and security, these are some of the key data trends that will be shaping the future of the industry. Read on to learn more and make sure you’re prepared for the upcoming year with data management solutions like Secoda.

An Increased Importance of Data Privacy and Security

Data security and data privacy are just as important as ever, so companies need to make sure they’re paying attention to the latest data protection and privacy laws to remain compliant. With more data out there than ever, a  strong risk management strategy is essential.

Companies should be investing in comprehensive data security systems to protect company information and the data of customers. Data breaches are becoming increasingly common, and the last thing a company wants to do is lose the trust of its customers. Fortunately, security systems and encryption technology solutions are available to keep user data as secure as possible.

Companies also need to respect the privacy of users. There are more regulations in place that encourage and require companies to disclose what user information is collected and how that information is used. Many companies are also making sure users can easily opt out of this data collection if they choose. Not only does this create a sense of trust and transparency between companies and their end users, but staying compliant can also help you avoid fines and other regulatory penalties.

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools

Artificial intelligence is trending in the public consciousness like never before. While many businesses have been using artificial intelligence and machine learning tools for years now, the rise of AI has been accelerated like never before. The technology that has drawn the most attention (and sometimes ire) is chatGPT and OpenAI, which is quickly proving to be a viable technology for many applications. Businesses and individuals have found a myriad of use cases for AI that can expedite workflows, increase productivity and eliminate many tedious tasks. AI is something that companies will definitely need to pay attention to as it becomes more prevalent. 

Of course, there are plenty of other AI and machine learning tools outside of  chatGPT that businesses can implement. AI can help businesses process large amounts of data, identify data patterns and help businesses get deeper insights into their data. AI can also be used for predictive analytics, automation, customer service applications and much more. While the potential of AI isn’t unlimited, it certainly has proven to be a game-changing technology for businesses in nearly every industry.

As AI rapidly develops and as new solutions are introduced, businesses need to make sure they’re paying attention and considering how they can leverage these tools. With the right AI tools, businesses can stay ahead of the competition and gain a competitive edge. Both the intangible and tangible benefits of these technologies are undeniable. With AI, businesses can be more productive, make more informed data-driven decisions, cut down on expenses and drive revenue. This is a trend that could potentially be the most important trend going forward, and it isn’t going away anytime soon.

A Focus on Data Governance

Data governance should be a priority for companies in 2024. More data is collected and shared than ever, so businesses need to make sure they have the right policies and protocols in place to make sure that data is being used in the right ways. Without proper data governance solutions in place, there’s no assurance that data is secure. Data governance primarily covers the proper collection, use, storage and sharing of data. It also helps to ensure that data integrity is maintained. With proper data governance, data should be as accurate and consistent as possible.

Data governance platforms and solutions can help businesses maintain the security and quality of their data. With the right solutions and policies in place, only authorized personnel will be able to access sensitive data. In other words, data can only be shared and viewed by the people that need to see it. There are also data governance compliance regulations to keep in mind. If you don’t have strong data governance, you risk being in violation of these regulations. Just like the privacy and security regulations, violations can lead to fines and a loss of trust between your company and your customers. In 2024, you should be reevaluating your data governance program to ensure it’s up to speed with modern demands.

The Growth of Big Data

Big data continues to grow as a trend, and 2024 should see the trend continue to thrive. Big data consists of large and complex datasets that are difficult to process through traditional data processing applications. As organizations collect these large data sets, they need to be looking for solutions that help them make the most of their big data. These solutions help companies search their big data, get useful insights and utilize those insights to create actionable strategies.

Leveraging big data can give businesses deeper insights into their customers and their overall business operations. Analyzing this data isn’t a simple matter, but with solutions like Secoda it's more than doable. With these solutions, businesses can make better decisions guided by the massive data sets they collect.

Many solutions can also automate the data analysis process, allowing you to save time and get insights quickly. You can also make big data searchable, so all of your employees can understand and access data. In 2024, data insights are no longer only the purview of the data team. While many teams used to rely on the data team to provide them with the data they need, making your database searchable allows all of your team members to get the data they need when they need it. This also frees up your data team for other tasks, so they’re not constantly dealing with data requests.

In short, 2024 should be the year you harness the full potential of your big data.

Using Advanced Analytics To Gain Deeper Insights Into Data

Without advanced analytics, data loses a lot of its usability and power. While you can certainly parse data manually and come to your own conclusions, this would be a massive time sink and most businesses don’t have the resources to do it. Plus, these insights can be deeply flawed. Advanced analytics combines the power of several technologies, like machine learning and artificial intelligence, to help businesses make data-driven decisions based on in-depth insights. Advanced analytics solutions can help users uncover hidden patterns in data and discover new opportunities that could have easily been missed. 

Advanced analytics tools greatly streamline the data analysis process and help to give businesses a competitive edge. A quality advanced analytics tool can also provide predictive analytics as it takes in more data and learns about your company’s operations. Predictive analytics can help businesses understand customer behavior, pinpoint trends, identify potential obstacles and provide strategies for growth.

Advanced analytics help businesses better understand their data. If you’re investing money into data collection and big data, it only makes sense that you would want to leverage that data to its fullest potential. With advanced analytics tools, you can harness your data like never before. Analytics tools are only getting better, and 2024 is the year you can make sure you’re implementing the right tools to get the most out of your data.

What Are the Benefits of Following These Trends?

In 2024 and beyond, data technology will only continue to advance. If companies ignore these trends now, they may get left behind. It’s worthwhile to reevaluate your data strategy and data stack on a regular basis. If you follow these trends and stay up-to-date with the latest data technologies, you can glean the following benefits:

  • Increase efficiency - Data technologies can automate and optimize many of your processes. AI and machine learning can eliminate tedious tasks altogether. Analytics tools can save you time finding data insights. Data management tools can relieve some of the burden on the data team. If you want your team to be more efficient and productive, following data trends is a good place to start.
  • Enhance customer experience - When you understand your customer data, you can improve the customer experience in numerous ways. You can create more personalized customer experiences, gaining their business and their trust. You can also improve products and services based on customer insights. 
  • Improve security - Staying on top of the trends will help ensure your data is as secure as possible. The latest security measures will help protect your data from data breaches and other data security threats. It will also help protect you from compliance and regulatory fines.
  • Gain valuable insights - Your updated analytics tools will give you valuable insights into many different facets of your business. You’ll learn how to improve customer experience, streamline operations and much more.
  • Stay ahead of the competition - There’s little doubt that your competitors are looking at the latest trends too. If you want to make sure you maintain your competitive edge, it pays to follow the trends and implement the measures that make the most sense for your business.
  • Increased revenue - All of these factors will also play into the revenue of your business. Increasing efficiency, making data-driven decisions, improving customer experience and having in-depth insights into your operations will all help you increase the bottom line and bring in more revenue.
  • Stay relevant - Lastly, businesses that refuse to change are likely to lose their relevance over the years. Businesses need to be light on their feet and be willing to implement solutions that benefit them and help them stay competitive in an ever-evolving industry.

Following the latest data trends is important, but you need to implement what you’ve learned to get the benefits. This means finding the tools and solutions that will help you meet your data goals in 2024. Secoda is one such solution.

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