Accelerate your data product development: Secoda Wrap 17

In this week's Secoda wrap we catch up on a new webinar about using software engineering techniques to speed up data engineering, learn how to Automate PII tagging, and get a new Women Lead Data podcast episode.
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May 2, 2024

Helloooooo Secoda wrap readers 😎 Welcome back to your neatly bundled week of highlights from Secoda.

Here's what's been going on:

πŸƒ How to build data products, fast

πŸ›‘οΈ Expand data governance easily with Automations

βͺ A new podcast, reflections on the future of data, and a free conference

πŸƒ Your guide to developing data products faster

If we compare the development of software products vs. data products, data products are almost always slower to develop, ship, and maintain at scale 🐌

What would it look like if we borrowed best practices from software engineering, and brought them to data engineering?

On Thursday, March 14, we're exploring just that with Tobias (Toby) Mao - CTO and Co-founder of Tobiko Data, and former Senior Staff Software Engineer at Airbnb.

Why you should join:

πŸ“š Learn more about software development and design principles

πŸ“š Hear practical examples from Toby about how he has implemented software development principles while designing data products

πŸ“š Find new recommended tools and tech to support implementation

πŸ“š Get expert advice from Toby and Lindsay Murphy

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⚑️ How to use Secoda Automations for data governance

We released Secoda Automations about a month ago - have you tried it yet?

Save some time this week and let Andrew McEwen show you how to use Automations to expand your data governance program, and automate tagging PII in your workspace.

Why build a PII tagging workflow?

πŸ›‘οΈAutomatically ensure sensitive information is secure

🀝 Easily expand data governance initiatives at your organization

⏳ Save time and have more fun by eliminating manual work

Did you know we have a Youtube channel with a series of Automations tutorial videos? Check it out below.

See it in action

βͺ ICYMI: a new podcast episode, webinar, and free conference

A few rapid fire highlights from the week you might have missed:

🎧 Women Lead Data Episode 12

Join Lindsay and Sarah Krasnik Bedell , Director of Growth Marketing at Prefect, as they cover Sarah's career journey in the data industry and her recent move into Marketing. Sarah shares valuable career advice on embracing optionality and building expertise across various roles, alongside insights into Prefect's role in data pipeline orchestration.

Listen here

πŸ™ Dagster x Secoda: data governance, quality, and management

On March 21, we're joined by Pedram Navid, Head of Data Engineering at Dagster Labs to build a blueprint for data governance, quality and management.

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πŸ’¬ How I learned to stop worrying and love large language models

There's been recent shared skepticism about the enterprise adoption of LLMs. A well-architected modern data stack enables teams to launch AI initiatives that are innovative, secure, reliable, and significantly beneficial to the bottom line - read Etai Mizrahi's reflections on the future of the industry.

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🎫 Get your free tickets to MDS Fest

With 55+ industry veterans and innovators, register and take in the insights and lessons each speaker will share. And not to mention - you get full access, all for free. We just released a rundown of talks that are focused on career growth and development, check it out here.

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And that's all for now! See you next week πŸ‘‹

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