Announcing the latest Hashboard and Secoda integration: Simplify BI and drive insights

Discover the transformative Hashboard and Secoda integration, designed to democratize BI and empower data teams with seamless insights. This integration revolutionizes data accessibility for all, allowing users to intuitively search, explore, and understand data without the need for technical expertise.
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May 2, 2024

Now with the Hashboard and Seccoda integration, both data producers and consumers, regardless of technical ability, can easily search and answer their data questions. With the goal of enabling self-serve and simplifying data exploration, Hashboard and Secoda set the foundation to allow your entire organization to effectively find, understand, and use data.

Modern BI is about enabling data consumers by getting rid of technical obstacles. That autonomy is usually harder to provide than it sounds. With Hashboard, you can define metrics on your data warehouse, allowing your entire organization to effortlessly search, explore and uncover insights. Secoda will automatically sync, catalog, document, and visualize data lineage between sources. Secoda will also notify you of potential upstream data quality issues so you can ensure integrity and trust in your Hashboard assets.

Integration Details

Some of the benefits you get with this integration:

  • AI-powered data discovery: Intuitively search across all Hashboard visualizations as well as tables, columns, metrics, or models that feed into them in natural language. Anyone, regardless of technical ability can ask questions and get responses - like ChatGPT armed with the context of your metadata.
  • Metrics layer visibility and lineage: Treat metrics as a first-class entity in your business by elevating the visibility of your metrics layers across your entire company. Follow lineage that feeds into specific metrics, so you can understand the source and importance of various aspects of the layer. Provide shared knowledge and understanding of key company metrics across departments to avoid silos, and understand relationships between metrics.
  • Cataloging and documentation: Automatically catalog all metrics and definitions so you can have a single source of truth. You can also now use Secoda AI to generate documentation for all Hashboard resources. Here’s an example prompt you can use to document a new Hashboard visualization in Secoda, “write a paragraph explaining what the ‘Orders dashboard’ is used for, how each metric is defined, and any other information that would be helpful for a new user to understand this data asset”.
  • Workflow automation: Build custom workflows to automate manual tasks like assigning clean up tasks or identifying stale assets so you can spend more time on impactful work. 
  • Data quality: Build confidence and grow adoption by automatically verifying data assets, helping business stakeholders to always use the most up-to-date resources. Secoda also helps you surface potential data quality issues in the same place where discovery and exploration are already happening.
  • Simplified Data Governance: Get the benefits of simplified data sharing and granular RBAC that you can control from a central command center. Set permissions based on teams, roles, and other attributes that you define.
  • Safe and easy migration: Simplify migrations to Hashboard. Turn the complex, often intimidating process of migration into a seamless, manageable and automated process. Secoda maps all dependencies and relationships so all assets are accounted for. Automatically generate documentation at scale throughout the process so you’ll never miss a beat.

How to connect Hashboard and Secoda

Getting started is easy and doesn’t require code.

In Hashboard:

  1. Get your project ID from Hashboard. This can only be done by an administrator. The project ID can be found by navigating to Settings on the navbar > Project Administration > Project Name
  2. Create a API token by navigating to Settings > Access Keys

After retrieving your project ID and token the next step is to connect to Secoda.

In Secoda:

  1. Select Add Integration on the Integrations tab
  2. Search for and select Hashboard
  3. Enter your project ID and API token
  4. Click Connect

About Hashboard

Hashboard is an opinionated BI tool that hopes to make your organization love data again by simplifying exploration and allowing you to publish data in a consistent, high quality and beautiful way. Built for data product people, Hasboard simplifies how you interact with data and how your organization thinks about data.

About Secoda

Secoda is the fastest way to explore, understand, and use data. Companies like Chipotle, Cardinal Health, Kaufland, and Remitly use Secoda to get visibility into the health of their entire stack, reduce costs, and help their data teams run more efficiently.

Secoda consolidates multiple tools into a single data management platform to simplify your data catalog, lineage, governance, monitoring, and observability processes.Regardless of technical ability, it is the easiest way for any data or business stakeholder to turn their insights into action.

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