Level up your data career: Secoda Wrap 23

This week's Secoda Wrap features expert insights on balancing speed with data governance, starting your data quality strategy, and the MDS Fest video library. Plus, tune into the latest empowering episode of Women Lead Data. Discover valuable learning resources and enhance your data skills!
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May 2, 2024

Happy Wednesday, and happy Secoda Wrap day 🌯😎🌯

This week we've got a ton of great learning resources coming your way:

🤝 Learn how speed and data governance can coexist

📚 A starting place for your data quality strategy

📹 ...and catch all the MDS Fest talks in one place!

🤝 How speed and governance can coexist

Speed and governance have traditionally been at odds with each other, but they don't have to be, and we'll show you how.

👓 Get expert insight: Oliver Laslett, CTO & Co-founder of the self-serve BI tool, Lighdash, will be joining us. He'll provide expert advice on how you can use your BI tools to move faster, while maintaining data governance.

🛠️ A live demo: Oliver will be joined by Lindsay Murphy (Head of Data, Secoda) and Brittany Danishevsky (Solutions Engineer, Secoda) to give a live demo of how you can use Secoda and Lighdash to optimize your data workflows.

⚖️ Balance your priorities: Join us as we share how to master strategies for swift decision-making while maintaining rigorous data governance.

Reserve your spot now to tune in live and receive a recording.

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📚 Where to start with your data quality strategy

How clean is clean enough when we're talking about data quality?

In our new article, we share 4 ways your organization can improve data quality:

1️⃣ Establish clear guidelines for data quality and cleanliness

2️⃣ Democratize data governance roles, processes, and responsibilities

3️⃣ Encourage a top-down culture of data cleanliness with stakeholder buy-in

4️⃣ Utilize data tools that enable observability to mitigate resource strain

Have you heard these tips before, but don't know where to get started?

This article breaks down actionable steps for your team to improve data quality, and meets you where you are in the process.

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📹 MDS Fest video learning library - now available!

With MDS Fest 2.0 coming to a close - we've got over 30 hours of video talks from data leaders ready for you to access.

Use the MDS Fest learning hub to:

📽️ Catch up on any talks you missed

📫 Share talks with peers

📚 Navigate talks by tracks: career, data quality, scale, data literacy and data driven organizations

This will be the permanent home for all of the MDS Fest 2.0 talks, so you can upskill whenever you have some time.

Enjoy, and happy learning!

Explore the talks

🍎 Salary transparency, career trajectory, and advocating for yourself: WLD #18

Don't miss today's Women Lead Data release! Lindsay is joined by Jess Ramos of Crunchbase, and founder of Big Data Energy Analytics. Jess is an outspoken data content creator who speaks on topics like building your career trajectory, and salary transparency.

This episode covers a lot of ground, tune in to hear:

🌱 More on how Jess got her start in the data industry and her content creation journey

📣 Strategies for advocating for your own career path

💸 How you can change the trajectory of your career earnings

This is a great, empowering episode - don't miss out!

Tune in

And that's ... a wrap!

Hungry for more? Check out past wraps on our blog.

See you next week 👋

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