Monitoring and observability for all: Secoda Wrap 04

Learn to assemble your dream team, save dough with Secoda Monitoring, discover the need for data catalogs in our new book, and follow our NYC Data Leaders Forum journey.
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May 2, 2024

Welcome to the Secoda Wrap 🌯 your neatly bundled weekly recap of the good, the very good, and the very very good at Secoda.

This week: Data Avengers, Assemble! ⚡️

👯 How to assemble your data dream team

💸 Keep more dough in your pocket with Secoda Monitoring

📚 We wrote a book just for you about data catalogs and why you need one

🍎 Our team ventures to the big apple for the NYC Data Leaders Forum

We've got some fun stuff going on this week... Let's get into it 👇

👯 Building your data dream team

What better way to kickstart a new year than by fine-tuning your data strategy? And no strategy is complete without assembling an all-star team to execute it.

On Friday, December 8, Taylor Brownlow of Count, and Lindsay Murphy and Brittany Perlin Danishevsky of Secoda will talk us through the essential strategies to building a high performance data team.

We'll cover:

🌟 Current industry trends

🌟 Why and how to build a diverse team

🌟 Interviewing best practices

🌟 Types of assessments and when to use them

Can't make it? Register below to receive the recording.

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🎉 Secoda Monitoring for all!

Monitor and simplify your entire data stack - Secoda Monitoring is live and in your workspace. Try setting up your first monitor by following these steps.

What can monitoring help you do?

💰 Understand your cost drivers. Identify costly pipelines and data assets, and be alerted immediately if cost thresholds are exceeded.

🔍 Increase data observability. Set monitors to keep track of data freshness, row count, and more.

Ensure data quality. Monitor data cardinality, uniqueness, nullness, and more to make sure your data is accurate.

Track whatever you desire. Set up custom monitors by writing your own SQL query, and keep tabs on what your team needs the most.

Consolidate your tools and understand the health of your data, pipelines, and infrastructure with Secoda Monitoring.

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📚 Decoding the world of data catalogs

Companies produce more data than every before, yet ~73% of enterprise data is untapped. How do we make this data usable? Enter: data catalogs.

A data catalog should be 3 things:

1️⃣ A way to discovery and make your data more accessible

2️⃣ An easy to use resource for both data and business stakeholders

3️⃣ Future-proof and built to scale

We just released a new guide to help you understand and choose the right catalog for your organization.

In detail, we walk though:

📓 The function of a data catalog

🤝 Who benefits from implementing a catalog

🏬 How to choose the right option for your org

🔑 The key factors that take a catalog from helpful to invaluable

Decode the world of data catalogs with the free guide below.

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See if you can spot

🥂 The first NYC Data Leaders Forum

This week, some of our Secodians (Secoders? We're still working on it - ) ventured to NYC to meet with customers, and host the first NYC Data Leaders Forum, with Datafold and Brooklyn Data Co. (a Velir company).

We had a great evening at Katana Kitten with plenty of food, drinks, good data conversation, and in-person community building.

👀 Where should we go next?

And that's a wrap! Thanks for tuning into another week at Secoda.

This time next week? 👋

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