Next-gen data governance with Secoda AI: Secoda Wrap 29

This week's Secoda Wrap highlights our intuitive UI update, new Apache Kafka integration, and advanced AI governance features. Get early access, manage Kafka metadata effectively, and customize AI settings for enhanced compliance and accuracy. Dive into smarter data management with Secoda!
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June 26, 2024
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Happy Wednesday, and happy Secoda Wrap day!

What's going on this week:

✨ Get early access to the revamped resource list UI in Secoda,

🔗 Connect to our new Apache Kafka integration,

🛡️ ... and get to know Secoda AI's new data governance features... let's go!

✨ Early access to our revamped resources list

We're making it easier to navigate Secoda by improving the list view of resources.

We're focused on making your experience more intuitive, efficient and responsive to your needs.

What has improved?

🎨 Improved user interface: Enjoy a cleaner, more intuitive layout that simplifies data navigation.

🔍 Enhanced search and filtering: Our upgraded search and filter system ensures you can access the data you need with speed.

✍️ Powerful bulk editing: Streamline your workflow with powerful new bulk editing tools. Use the new Commands menu to set tags, owners, and more across multiple resources.

To start experiencing these improvements in your workspace, sign up for early access today!

Get early access

🔗 New integration: Apache Kafka

Streamline your data operations and enhance your real-time analytics capabilities with our new Apache Kafka integration.

Connect Secoda and Apache Kafka and experience:

🔍 Easy management of Kafka metadata with complete visibility into Kafka's Topics, Consumer Groups, and Schemas.

🔒 Enhanced data governance with automated metadata extraction from Kafka.

🔁 Streamlined lineage between Kafka Topics and Consumer Groups, making it easier for all users to understand data flow and dependencies.

Get the full list of the metadata Secoda extracts from Kafka, as well as setup instructions below.

Connect to Kafka

🛡️ New governance settings for Secoda AI

Interested in leveraging AI, but concerned about compliance, accuracy and your organizational governance standards?

Check out our new tutorial video that walks you through how to fine-tune Secoda AI to answer queries only based on specific, approved data sources.

Explore Secoda AI's governance features and reap the benefits:

📊 Enhanced data accuracy: Ensure AI responses are based solely on your most reliable and vetted data sources.

🛡️ Improved compliance: Maintain strict adherence to organizational governance and compliance standards.

🔒 Controlled data usage: Mitigate risks by restricting AI to use only approved data, enhancing security and building trust.

Learn more

And that's a wrap! Hungry for more? Check out past Secoda Wraps on our blog.

See you next week 👋

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