Announcing Our New Salesforce Integration for Revenue Teams

Integrate Salesforce with Secoda to save yourself countless hours troubleshooting data in your Salesforce environment. See all field references in your entire organization and go to market faster than ever.
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May 2, 2024

As a fellow marketer and rev-ops practitioner, I understand how Salesforce can easily become a black hole. Being able to trust the data you use in your reports and confidently share that data with stakeholders should be easier than it actually is. On top of that, manually debugging the root cause for why a dashboard or report is broken can be wildly inefficient and eat up hours, if not days of your time.

Our mission at Secoda is to give everyone the confidence to use data and that’s why we built our latest Salesforce integration. This integration is for rev-ops, marketing, and data teams to use their Salesforce data to make decisions faster and streamline reporting.

The integration allows you to automatically visualize, preview, create live queries, and document the following Salesforce components within Secoda:

  • Objects and Objects (tables and values)
  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • Data lineage between tables, reports, and dashboards

Automatically visualize the dependencies between tables, reports, and dashboards

Visualize and catalog salesforce reports
Secoda automatically pulls in your reports so you can create a single source of truth

Some reasons to love Salesforce and Secoda together:

Better sales enablement: Arm sales reps with the ability to quickly and easily find the information they need to close deals. rev-ops and sales enablement teams can automatically surface battlecards, dashboards, and handle pricing inquiries. By having a central workspace for your sales knowledge, rep efficiency goes up while time spent by rev-ops teams goes down.

Save hours of time: Eliminate the hassle of manually diagnosing the source of issues and how to repair them. Secoda's automated data lineage gives you a comprehensive view of how each field, table, report, or dashboard has been altered. Reclaim your time and be alerted when modifications affect your assets. Stay up-to-date on any critical errors before sharing any reports or dashboards the could be compromised.

Empower sales leaders to trust their data: With Secoda, you can rest easy knowing that your Salesforce reports are always precise and up-to-date. When you and other revenue leaders can rely on the accuracy of the data, it increases the adoption of data products and is a much more efficient way to get things done. You’ll build trust in the data across the organization and be able to upgrade your insights from business critical reporting.

Standardize reporting: Create a unified platform for all of your Salesforce data definitions. This helps to ensure that reporting is consistent, and that key stakeholders have access to the same information. With a comprehensive view of your reliable metrics and definition standards, your sales and marketing teams can streamline their processes and maximize the number of successful deals.

Safe and easy change management: With Secoda, teams can collaborate, label one another, and observe every alteration made in one unified area, making it effortless to bring on new team members and move systems. Record the background of any shift and reduce inefficiencies by observing all field references in your entire Salesforce workspace with a plainly outlined dependency chart.

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