Secoda BIG Wrap: February 2024 Highlights

Secoda's BIG wrap for February is here. Catch up on what you missed this month: from Secoda Automations launch, three new Women Lead Data podcast episodes, the speaker lineup for MDS Fest, and new features in Secoda.
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May 2, 2024

It’s been quite the month at Secoda! Check out the most exciting updates from the month in February’s Big Wrap, neatly bundled for your consumption.

It was a packed month, and we have a ton of amazing updates for our users and our wider data community.

In February we:

⚡ Officially launched Secoda Automations

🎙️ Announced the speaker lineup for MDS Fest

🎧 Launched three new podcast episodes for Women Lead Data

💬 Released comments in Secoda

⚡The official launch of Secoda Automations

Automations have landed! We dove into Automations with an epic hype video and launch event, where we walked through exactly how you can start using Automations with your team. Get caught up with the replay here.

Save some time and let the Secoda team show you how to use Automations on our Youtube channel. We’ve made a ton of videos to tackle building Automations for use cases that are most relevant to data teams today. Check out the playlist on Youtube.

With Secoda Automations, you can:

📝 Keep documentation up to date and complete

Automate versioning, and create flows for automatic keyword-based tagging.

➡️ Seamlessly migrate to new tools

Automatically detect and tag resources that still need to be migrated, create deprecation warnings, and schema change alerts.

🧹 Make data clean up easy

Automate tagging data that hasn't been accessed in a specific number of days, assign users to cleanup tasks, and keep track of cleanup progress.

🤝 Help everyone at your organization understand data

Automatically tag your most popular assets across any integration, as well as verified assets to drive adoption and maintain confidence in your data.

🛡️ Expand your data governance program

Build workflows to ensure your data stays secure by automatically verifying high quality data, tagging data assets with PHI, PII and HIPPA information, and applying security classification tags based on user roles.

Ready to get started with Automations? Learn more on our blog.

🎙️ Meet the speakers of MDS Fest 2.0

The goal of MDS Fest is to amplify voices in the data community and encourage data practitioners (ranging from first-time speakers to seasoned vets) to come together and share their stories.

MDS Fest 2.0 will return from April 8 - 12, 2024 with an impressive roster of speakers sourced from the data community for five days of talks and workshops.

For free, you’ll hear from speakers like:

📝 Chad Sanderson of, teaching us all about data contracts

📚 Jerrie Kumalah and Faith Lierheimer of dbt Labs, who will teaching you about data literacy solutions

🛠️ Jordan Morrow of AgileOne, on data engineering for non-data engineers

🧑💻 Benjamin Rogojan, the Seattle Data Guy, on the journey from Data Engineer to Consultant

⬆️ Marisa Smith, PhD of Tobiko Data, on how to evolve data pipelines at scale

… and 50+ more amazing speakers. Check out the full lineup at

This year, attendees will be able to register for talks relating to five tracks that were sourced from the community: data-driven organizations, scale and complexity, data quality, data discovery and literacy, and career growth and skills development.

Register for MDS Fest

🎧 Women Lead Data released three new podcast episodes

Last year, we launched the Women Lead Data podcast, hosted by our Head of Data, Lindsay Murphy. With 90% of CEOs and co-founders of companies in the data industry identifying as male, and only about 3% of VC funding going to female-led companies, we felt a representational gap for women in the data industry.

Every week, Lindsay shares insights about the underrepresentation of women in data, and uncovers helpful tips and advice for what it takes to reach the C-level from the incredible guests on the show.

In February, we released:

🚀 WLD Episode 7: Fostering a Data Driven Culture with Stefania Ólafsdóttir of Avo

Lindsay and Stefania Olafsdottir discuss the inception of Avo, the impact of culture and role models on leadership perspectives, and Stefania's approach to goal setting and role management as a CEO.

🌱 WLD Episode 8: Navigating Pivotal Career Moments with Celina Wong of Data Culture

Lindsay and Celina Wong discuss Celina's transition from finance to the data industry, her journey to CEO of Data Culture, and how to navigate and leverage pivotal career moments for growth.

✏️ WLD Episode 9: The Power of Networking and Community Building with Jerrie Kumalah of dbt Labs

Lindsay and Jerrie Kumalah discuss Jerrie's transition from public health to data science and analytics engineering, her current role at dbt Labs, and the importance of networking and community in career development, while exploring the balance between ambitious careers and fulfilling home lives.

Take a listen to each of these episodes on our blog. All of them are filled with stories, inspiration and insight into the career paths and lives of women who are deeply embedded in the data industry right now.

Tune in

💬 Now you can comment in Secoda

Get the best parts of Notion and Google Docs for you to use in your documentation. Both viewers and editors can leave comments, ask questions, and be notified when a comment has been replied to or resolved.

Comments do not modify the actual content of the document so you can increase collaboration without sacrificing governance.

See what’s new in Secoda

And that’s a …. Big wrap! We’re grateful for such a wonderful start to the year, and looking forward to what the rest of March brings! Catch you next time 👋

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