Secoda raises a $14M Series A and introduces Monitoring

Announcing our Series A and new Monitoring products. Learn more here
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April 11, 2024

Since the beginning, Secoda has been dedicated to democratizing access to data knowledge at scale. We’ve built generative AI solutions that allow any employee to easily search, understand, and use company data, regardless of their technical ability. 

Where we are now is nowhere near where we were a couple years ago and I can’t put in words how proud I am of the Secoda team that got us here.

Today we’re announcing a $14 million USD Series A funding round led by Craft Ventures. Also participating in the round were Abstract Ventures, existing investors YCombinator and Garage Capital, and leaders in the data space including Jordan Tigani (CEO of MotherDuck), Scott Breitenother (CEO of Brooklyn Data Co.), Chad Sanderson (CEO of, and Tristan Handy (CEO of dbt)

With this new funding, we’ll continue to expand our talented team, and accelerate product development.

About the raise

We raised a Series A so we can turbocharge our growth and move at the pace of generative AI. Secoda’s ultimate goal is to give any team member the ability to ask anything about company data, and for Secoda to answer. Generative AI has shrunk the timeline of that goal down immensely–as in, we’ve already built AI-powered search tools that today can do what we originally thought would take a much longer time to build.  

Company data is like a disjointed puzzle at most organizations. Data teams often have large tech stacks, full of applications that don’t communicate with each other, and years of legacy knowledge that is not documented anywhere at all - it lives in people’s heads. Without unified search, every time an employee needs to answer a question related to data, it ends up being a tedious process since there is no centralized source of truth - they are either searching high and low across complicated applications for answers, or tapping the data team on the shoulder and taking their attention away from other tasks. 

Questions that seem simple enough to answer end up feeling like a huge, frustrating game of broken telephone. The past few years have seen a Cambrian explosion of startups building specialty software for data teams, but it’s left teams struggling with how to understand information that is fragmented across these many tools. 

Secoda provides a platform for teams to have a single source of truth for their company data knowledge - all in one place. Our customers have been able to leverage Secoda to reduce volume of inbound data requests by over 50%, reduce onboarding times by 50%, and reduce time teams spend on documentation by 90% - a huge time saving for data teams.

Tomorrow’s tools, today. That’s what we’re building at Secoda, the all-in-one data management platform.

Introducing Monitoring

Over the last year, Secoda has provided a great suite of tools to data producers to help them manage metadata across complicated tech stacks - we’ve helped customers automate up to 40% of their most common data requests, cut down onboarding time for analysts by 50%, and reduce time spent on documentation by 90%

Now, Secoda is the first data management platform to connect data quality, observability and discovery - all in one place.

With monitoring, data teams can now gain visibility into pipeline metadata, such as cost, query volume, and popularity. At a glance, be alerted when a query, table or dashboard is an anomaly in terms of cost, quickly know the number of queries run for an integration, understand what resources are actually being used by your team and which should be deprecated, and so much more. 

Monitoring will enable your team to proactively identify blindspots, never be caught off guard, and be in the know about the health of your data and pipelines, at all times.

If companies are making data driven decisions, it is critical for the data being used to be as high quality as possible. With one click, users will be able to understand what assets are affected by changes and how to reduce data quality errors. We’re building monitoring right into our discovery tools, so that teams can quickly understand the operational efficiency of a data team.

Learn more about Monitoring and get early access here

Why this is different

Standard data observability tends to focus on underlying data quality, rather than pipeline health, leading to surprise bills, slow run times, and downtime.

But to efficiently run a modern data stack, data teams need to leverage metadata insights to overcome these blindspots. Now there is a way to reliably manage and forecast costs of running and scaling a modern data stack.

Secoda lets you bring data observability into your catalog and keep a pulse on data quality. Set monitors and detect anomalies to prevent surprise bills.

On top of being able to integrate across the entire data stack, configuring a wide menu of monitors, and receiving alerts for when the thresholds have been exceeded, you will be able to know where your cost drivers are coming from before getting stuck with an outsized bill. You’ll get insights into costly pipelines and assets where costs are created. Secoda will suggest methods to reduce and manage your compute costs.

What’s next

Learn more about monitoring here and get early access to monitoring in your workspace.

Finally, a huge thank you to our customers, investors, supporters and Secoda team - none of this would be possible without you, and we’re immensely grateful for your support. We can’t wait for what’s next!

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