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Explore Secoda's seamless integration with SingleStore, revolutionizing data accessibility, understanding, and governance. Join our launch event to unlock the power of AI-driven insights. Less chaos, more clarity in your data journey awaits!
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April 11, 2024

Introducing Secoda’s native integration with SingleStore.

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Companies produce more data than ever before, yet up to 73% of all enterprise data goes unused. Finding the right data, when you need it, and understanding said data is no easy task. At Secoda, it’s our mission to make the experience of finding, understanding and using data as easy and intuitive as a Google search.

Less chaos, more clarity - that’s what we’re striving for. So how can we keep track of it all?

About Secoda & SingleStore

Secoda is an all-in-one, AI-powered platform for your data knowledge, so you can seamlessly search, understand, and add context to metadata across your entire stack - no matter what tools you use. We believe AI transforms data management platforms into intelligent co-pilots for everyone in an organization, ensuring that data becomes a powerful ally in driving business success. We focus on building no-code, easy-to-set up integrations with the best tools available in the data ecosystem - which is why we’re excited to announce our new integration with SingleStore.

SingleStore is a powerful, high-performance distributed SQL database that allows you to transact, analyze and contextualize your data in real-time through the power of AI. Designed by developers for developers, SingleStoreDB supports the world’s most demanding, real-time applications.

How Secoda & SingleStore work together

Integrate Secoda and SingleStore, and harness the power of SingleStore’s real-time data combined with Secoda’s powerful data management tools that make your data discoverable for everyone at your organization, regardless of technical ability.

Data for all - make your data accessible with a data catalog

Secoda and SingleStore both leverage the power of AI to help make your real-time data and metadata more accessible and easier to understand. Secoda extracts metadata from SingleStore and allows your users to use Secoda’s robust, AI-powered search function to help them find exactly what they are looking for, fast. Secoda acts as a co-pilot and guide to helping your team understand SingleStore metadata, making it as accessible as possible with the added assistance of AI and LLMs, right in the discovery process.

Understanding data across your pipeline with lineage

Secoda’s automated and AI-enabled data lineage allows you to track the evolution of SingleStore’s data as it flows from source to destination. Lineage makes it possible for users to understand connections between different data sources, and answer important questions about where data comes from, and what transformations occurred along the way.

Secoda automatically extracts lineage from SingleStore, so you can easily understand lineage for SingleStore tables, columns, and views to tables. Understand if changes will impact assets, and stay up to date on critical errors.

Data monitoring keeps you in the know

Data monitoring is critical for any business handling large sets of real-time data. Secoda simplifies your stack by connecting data quality, observability, and discovery for comprehensive stack visibility and to prevent data asset sprawl.

With Secoda, you can monitor SingleStore metadata on tables, views, columns and more. Choose from a full set of monitors, such as freshness, cardinality, and uniqueness to easily detect issues at all stages of the data lifecycle.

Meet your new AI Assistant

We’ve designed Secoda to be your data co-pilot, for every user. Extract metadata from SingleStore, and our AI Assistant will assist your data team in writing documentation, descriptions, auto-tagging PII and sensitive information, and much more.

Non-technical users will have the AI to guide them through the platform. With AI-enabled search and chat ready to help answer questions at any time, generate SQL queries, and write documents based on all the information automatically extracted to Secoda.

Manage data ticketing and requests

There is a lot of information that isn't discoverable using metadata or metrics. Sometimes, questions to the data team are much more nuanced and require a person on the data team to answer.

Secoda helps answer any questions your users have about data and metadata in SingleStore. Use Secoda to facilitate user questions, eliminating the need for ad hoc inquiries through apps like Slack and Jira, while ensuring your team never has to answer the same question twice. Secoda’s AI Assistant serves as the frontline for user queries, powered by the context of the information extracted from SingleStore, and any applications in your data stack.

Scale data governance

Ensure your SingleStore data is protected and mitigate risks with Secoda. Secoda simplifies enabling secure access to your data. Automatically discover, categorize, tag, and regulate sensitive data across your resources. Securely collaborate with any team member using Secoda, free from concerns about data governance breaches.

Integrate Secoda and SingleStore

Integrate Secoda and SingleStore today, and redefine how you think about data management. From accessibility and understanding to governance and beyond, a data stack that works together allows data to not simply be managed just managed; it's harnessed, understood, and empowered for unprecedented business success.

Learn more about the integration: Get setup today

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