2024 Wrapped, Data Edition: Secoda Wrap 01

Explore Secoda Weekly Wrap for product launches, events, and exciting news. This week: Secoda Monitoring, visualizations preview, leave last year's baggage behind, and a new metric definition solution. Stay updated with our weekly highlights
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May 2, 2024

Welcome to the first Secoda Weekly Wrap!

We'll be updating you about product launches, keeping you in the know for all the best events, and sharing a variety of ✨exciting news✨ every week.

This week: Secoda Monitoring is sliding into your DMs, preview your most important data visualizations, leave your 2023 baggage behind, and a new solution to define your metrics... Let's go 🏃

📫 Secoda Monitoring notifies you via Slack

Monitor the health of data now directly via Slack, so you'll never miss an incident.

ICYMI: Secoda Monitoring connects data quality, observability, and discovery, so you'll never be stuck with an stale table or broken column. Be in the know about the health of your data at all times.

Now, you can set up Slack notifications for Monitoring, and immediately be alerted when an incident is detected. Find out what monitor was triggered, with a timestamp, expected thresholds, and a full incident report, so your team stays on top of any anomaly.

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👀 Preview dashboards & tables with one click

Help your users consolidate tools, and access beautiful dashboards and visualizations right in Secoda. Preview BI dashboards and visualizations from all your most used tools like Looker, Tableau, Sigma, and more.

No more switching between tools or searching high and low for the right dashboard - unlock data democratization and simplify your workflows by accessing previews of dashboards and tables right in Secoda.

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⏪ The 2023 rewind: sh*t we wish we did

Another week, another webinar! We're 48 days away from 2023 - let us help you enter the new year with no regrets.

Today (Nov 14), we'll be talking about:

🙏 What we wish we did in 2023

🫡 What we will definitely do in 2024

🔮 Our predictions for the new year

We've got an all-star panel of some of our favorite data people: Julie Beynon of Census, Scott Breitenother of Brooklyn Data Co., and our own Lindsay Murphy.

Can't make it? You'll get a recording once you register.

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🆕 Secoda Metrics

Centralize, visualize and define your organization's metrics with Secoda Metrics. Make it easy to define and monitor key KPIs for your whole organization by creating metrics in Secoda. Add SQL queries, generate charts and visualizations for a dynamic, seamless experience in visualizing query-based metrics. Use metrics to:

🤝 Enable consistent metric definitions across your org

🔻 Reduce redundancy and errors in metrics reporting

✅ Improve data-driven decision making by providing accurate data

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