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Uncover the latest in AI specificity, a healthcare data infrastructure crash course, cost-saving tips for your data team, and an exciting new integration unveiling—plus, grab a new tee! Stay tuned for this week's insights and innovations.
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May 2, 2024

Hey! Welcome to the Secoda Wrap 🌯

Your weekly wrap of all things Secoda: the best events, product updates, and of course, new merch.

This week: our AI is getting real specific, a crash course on data infrastructure for healthcare, helping your data team keep costs down... and a new integration = a new tee. Let's go! 🦅

🔥 Our AI assistant is Turing up the heat

This week we released improvements to Secoda's AI Assistant:

🤖 We've updated to the latest version of GPT, GPT 4 Turbo.

A more advanced version of GPT-4, and with a much larger context window, answers will be better than ever.

🫵 Reference specific resources when chatting with Secoda AI.

Know the resource you want more information about? Use the "@" symbol, followed by the resource name while talking to the AI assistant to answer your most specific questions.

📍 Ask the AI about your data lineage.

Secoda AI can now take your data lineage into account, and can answer questions like: "What downstream resources will be affected if I deprecated the @customers table?"

🧐 Search index for questions has improved.

We've upgraded the way questions and answers are indexed, so your team never has to answer the same question twice.

Check out our docs, and try it out for yourself.

🏥 Scaling data governance in healthcare

Planning on scaling or refining your data infrastructure in 2024? Join us on November 30 to talk all things scaling data infrastructure, specifically while dealing with the complexity of managing private healthcare information.

We're in conversation with Michael Toland to dive into how some of the largest healthcare organizations leverage data quality, metadata, and lineage to unlock discoverability, while maintaining data privacy and integrity.

We'll cover:

🩺 The evolving state of data management in healthcare

💰 How experts are managing costs and complexities as they scale

📚 Actionable strategies to address challenges with data governance & scale

RSVP today!

💸 Taming the costs of your data stack

New tools in the modern data stack are helping us build faster than ever before… but are infrastructure costs weighing us down?

In our new article, Lindsay Murphy explores the challenges and pitfalls of unchecked infrastructure costs as well as strategies to overcome them.

Find out how to reduce:

🔴 Rapidly growing costs as data teams scale

🔴 Spaghetti DAGs, growing complexity, and overlapping tool capabilities

🔴 Unchecked costs leading to data teams being perceived as cost centers

And how to implement:

🟢 Early investment in a cost containment strategy

🟢 Safeguards to control variable costs

🟢 Cost containment workflows

Read the article

🦜 New Dagster integration = new Dagster tee

Please read in your best David Attenborough voice. Ahem-

Behold the latest revelation from Secoda —a majestic Dagster Integration, the likes of which the digital ecosystem has never witnessed before.

And lo, in this digital safari, we stumble upon a rare spectacle—an announcement not of serious matters, but of mirth and camaraderie - the birth of a rare new piece of merch, capturing the essence of Dagster’s esteemed bird expert, Pedram Navid

TL;DR: New integration = new shirt. Connect Dagster to Secoda, and connect new merch to your wardrobe.

Press me for a free shirt

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends south of the border! We hope you some time to relax with your friends, family, and some good eats 🦃

And that's a wrap 🌯 - see ya next week.

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