Data monitoring like a hawk: Secoda Wrap 03

This week we're talking about how Secoda Monitoring is saving your dough, lineage has been revitalized and rejuvenated ... and MDS Fest is back, and we want you!
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May 2, 2024

Welcome to the Secoda Wrap 🌯 Your source for all things Secoda - product launches, memes, events, and everything in between.

This week:

👀 Secoda Monitoring is giving you eyes in the back of your head

💆 Your lineage has been revitalized and rejuvenated

🍾 aaaand MDS Fest is back, and we want you!

Let's get into it 👇

👀 Monitoring is now available in your workspace

Introducing Secoda Monitoring: we're the first platform to connect data quality, observability and discovery.

Now available in your workspace: get visibility into the health of your entire stack, prevent asset sprawl and unexpected costs.

ICYMI, this week we released some new improvements to Monitoring:

💸 Cost Monitoring

Keep tabs on metadata like costs, and be in the know as soon as thresholds are exceeded. All features available for data monitoring are now available for metadata metrics associated with Snowflake and dbt.

🖋️ Custom SQL Monitors

Users are now able to create a monitor that runs custom SQL to create an output, so you can create more complex and specific monitors for your team.

📫 Slack Notifications

When an incident occurs, get notified via a connected Slack channel so you are never blindsided.

🎨 Improved UI

Monitors are now available via the main sidebar in Secoda. See all monitors and incidents across the entire platform easily. Read the docs and set up Monitoring today.

Learn more

💅 Your data lineage just got a makeover

We've completely refactored the lineage experience, to upgrade performance, usability, and design.

Some highlights of the refactor:

🫵 One click impact analysis

In one click, you can now understand the upstream and downstream dependencies of a resource in a list-view. Understand the impact of any changes quickly and easily.

🔍 Built in search bar

We've added a search bar within the lineage graph, to allow you to find and zoom in on specific nodes. This is especially helpful for navigating larger, more complex lineage graphs.

Log in and check it out

🎤 MDS Fest is back, and we want you on the mic

5 days. 1,300 registrants. 700+ live attendees. 60+ sessions.

Last year's MDS Fest was a place for the data community to be inspired, share ideas, and come together - and we're about to do it all over again from March 25 - 29, 2024 🎊

This year, we’re focusing on the most common challenges to solve in data:

📈 Data-driver organizations

🆙 Scale and complexity

👁️ Data quality

🔍 Data discovery and literacy

💼 Career growth and skills development

... and we'd love to hear from you.

Speaker applications are open until January 15, 2024 - apply today!

Apply here today

... and that's a wrap! See you next week.

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