Let's automate your most repetitive work: Secoda Wrap 11

Catch up with Secoda in Wrap 11. We're talking about how data teams can automate their routine work, some new Secoda product improvements and a new Women Lead Data podcast episode.
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May 2, 2024

It's Wednesday, which means... it's Wrap Day!

Today we're coming at you from the beach. Our team is on our semi-annual retreat in the Dominican Republic! Stay tuned for some fun updates from the DR 🌊

This week:

⚑️ We're automating your least favourite tasks,

πŸ› οΈ Stay on top of your work with new product improvements in Secoda,

🌱 ... and learn how to overcome your internal barriers in a new podcast episode.

Let's get into it 😎

⚑️ On February 8: Automations for all

You've seen the call for early access, and now the countdown is on.

On February 8, join us for a live demo of Secoda Automations, and an open discussion on how data teams can leverage AI and automation in their workflows.

We built Secoda Automations to take repetitive tasks off your plate, while maintaining and improving the quality of your data.

If you’re juggling a ton of different tasks, are strapped for time, and still need to make sure all your routine work gets done - this event is for you.

Can't make it? Register below to receive the recording.

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πŸ†• Product improvements

Recent improvements to keep Secoda looking and feeling fresh:

❗Dropped table notifications: Stay up to date on your assets and be notified in Secoda as soon as a table drops.

⏰ Schedule integrations with cron expressions: Schedule integration extractions with cron expressions to set more specific and powerful schedules.

⚑️Automations early access: Early access for Automations is still open - sign up for it here.

Check it out

πŸŽ™οΈ WLD Episode 6: Overcoming your internal barriers

In our sixth episode, Lindsay is joined by Colleen Tartow, Ph.D. (Field CTO, Head of Strategy at VAST Data) to learn more about her leadership journey in the data industry.

Colleen has a breadth of experience in the data industry, from leading data teams through hyperscaling, to moving into engineering leadership roles focused on building data products.

We also spend some time talking about how to make big leaps forward in your career (hint: sometimes it just takes getting out of your own way!).

Tune in to learn:

πŸ—“οΈ The day-to-day of a Field CTO

πŸš€ How to lead a data team through hyperscale

🌱 The mindset you need to advance your career

Listen in

... and that's a wrap!

See you next week!

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