Why data governance is the hero of modern BI: Secoda Wrap 19

Catch up with Secoda in Wrap #19: learn about how data governance compliments BI, updates to the Secoda document editor, a new episode of the Women Lead Data podcast and more.
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May 2, 2024

Helloooooo and happy Wednesday! Wherever you are in the world, Wednesday = Wrap day, so check out what's been going on at Secoda this week:

🀝 How data governance supercharges BI

✏️ Secoda product updates: writing documentation just got easier

✨ ICYMI: Secoda's on GCP, a new podcast episode, and free tickets to our favourite conference!

🀝 Why data governance and BI go hand-in-hand

Ready to unlock the full potential of your BI initiatives?

Your secret weapon: data governance.

On Thursday, April 4, the Secoda team and Carlos Aguilar, CEO and co-founder of Hashboard, will take us through the intricacies of establishing a data governance framework that supercharges your BI initiatives.

Why attend?

πŸ‘€ Get insights from experts, Carlos stood up the data insights team at Flatiron Health, and has led data product development across industries

πŸ“š Learn practical strategies for enhancing data security and consistency

πŸ”— Get an overview of the Secoda x Hashboard integration

βš–οΈ Understand how to balance accessibility with security, ensure high-quality data, and promote data literacy

Can't make it on Thursday? Register below to receive the recording.

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πŸ†• Product improvements: Secoda document editor

Get the best parts of Google Docs and Notion right in Secoda.

We've made recent improvements to the Secoda document editor, to make keeping your documentation up-to-date and complete easier than ever:

πŸ“„ Add a table of contents: make your documents easier for everyone to read and navigate by easily adding an auto-generated table of contents.

πŸ“š Export docs to PDF: Secoda documents are more accessible than ever with the new export to PDF functionality. Easily share with anyone you need to, in a universally compatible format.

πŸ’¬ Collaborate with comments: Viewers and Editors can leave comments on documents, ask questions, and be notified when a comment has been replied to or resolved.

Check it out

✨ ICYMI: Secoda is on GCP, new podcast episodes, and MDS Fest tickets!

A few highlights from the week you might have missed:

πŸ” Secoda is on GCP

Secoda is now listed on the Google Cloud Marketplace! We're excited to open up new possibilities for GCP customers to easily purchase and deploy Secoda through GCP marketplace - check it out!

Check it out

🎧 Women Lead Data Episode 14

Join Lindsay and Lauren Moores, data innovator, advisor, strategist for startups and Chief Data Queen of Moores Data. Lauren shares more about her leadership journey in the data industry, her transition from an economist to various data-centric roles, how she got her start in board advisor positions, and more about her teaching fellow role in Harvard’s Business Analytics program for AI, Innovation and Startups.

Listen here

🎫 Get your free tickets to MDS Fest

With 55+ industry veterans and innovators, register and take in the insights and lessons each speaker will share. And not to mention - you get full access, all for free.

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... and that's a wrap! See you next week!

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