4 ways to level up your data strategy: Secoda Wrap 24

Discover this week's Secoda Wrap featuring new resources for enhancing your data strategy, including live workshops, podcast episodes, and integration guides with Secoda and Lightdash.
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June 5, 2024

Happy Wednesday, and happy Secoda Wrap day!

This week we've got 4 new learning resources to help you level up your data strategy:

⚙️ A live workshop on custom integrations in Secoda

⚡️ How Secoda and Lightdash enhance your data discoverability

🤝 The recap of Secoda's latest Customer Advisory Board meeting

🎧 ... and a new episode of the Women Lead Data podcast!

⚙️ No data source left behind: Using the Secoda SDK

Join us for a live webinar on harnessing Secoda’s SDK for custom integrations. Learn how to connect every part of your data infrastructure, from legacy systems to modern cloud services.

Lindsay Murphy and Brittany Danishevsky will dive into a live workshop showcasing how you can build custom integrations for any data source.

This session is perfect for users who are eager to expand their data catalog.

Don’t miss out!

Reserve your spot now to tune in live and receive a recording.

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⚡️ How Secoda and Lightdash work together

Introducing the Secoda and Lightdash integration! Discover how this powerful combo enhances data discoverability, ensures high data quality, and streamlines governance within your organization.

Check out our article to learn more about:

🔍 Using Secoda's AI-powered data discovery and search for your Lighdash assets

📚 Enhancing visibility of your metrics layer across your company

✏️ Automating cataloging to create a single source of truth

💬 How to build custom workflow automation to boost productivity

Learn more about how to integrate Secoda and Lightdash in the article below.

Learn more

🤝 Secoda's Customer Advisory Board

Each quarter, we bring together a group of data leaders to share best practices, exchange ideas, and provide an open forum for product feedback and discussion - read the recap of our Q1 meeting.

The top highlights from our meeting:

⚡️Automation Mastery: Learn how data teams are using Secoda Automations to save time and enhance efficiency.

✅ Data Quality: Discover why maintaining high data quality is critical for every organization, and what data leaders are thinking about.

🛡️Strategic Governance: Get insights on how leaders prioritize data governance to drive business growth.

Get the full recap on our blog.

Read the recap

🌱 Women Lead Data #19: Building your skills and visibility

A new episode of Women Lead Data is here!

This week, Lindsay is joined by Kelly Adams, Data Analyst at Golden Hearts Games.

Tune in to learn more about:

📚 How Kelly broke into the data industry during a competitive time

📣 Why and how you should be building a portfolio of your work

🙋‍♀️ Preparing yourself to push your career forward

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to develop their personal brand and overcome the fear of taking big career leaps when you don't feel ready.

Tune in

And that's a wrap! See you next week 👋

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