Ankorstore sped up data onboarding by 3X with Secoda

Ankorstore is an online B2B platform that connects brands with the best shops in Europe on a site 100% dedicated to professionals. Their ambition is to help brands find new distributors, especially internationally.
Marketplace, Ecommerce
Company size
500+ employees
Data stack

As Ankorstore scaled, the data team realized they needed to create a central metrics repository so all employees could easily onboard and use company data without relying on the data team.

Ankorstore and Their Data

Independent brands can sell their products through Ankorstore to independent retailers. Retailers can then sell the products to their own customers through Ankorstore. The marketplace is currently used by 200,000 retailers and 15,000 brands. In May 2021, when Ankorstore raised its Series B, the company was working with 50,000 shops and 5,000 brands.With Secoda, the Ankorstore team was able to meet the problems that come with this type of scale and achieve the following results:

  • 5 hours saved per week per analyst
  • 40% fewer questions to the data team
  • 3X Faster onboarding for new team members

The Problem

Growing the team and onboarding new team members was becoming too time-consuming for the data team at Ankorstore. When we met their team, they were eclipsing 150 employees. 8 months later, they have over 400 employees across multiple countries. The data team knew that preparing for this growth and reducing the complexity of accessing data was going to save their team a lot of time down the line. 

Ankorstore wanted to create a central place that new team members could go to when they had questions related to data. Ankorestore is a user of BigQuery, dbt and Cluvio, which is a less common dashboarding tool. By centralizing these sources and exposing them through Secoda, the Ankorestore team was able to reduce the new onboarding time from months to days for new employees. 

The spread of different tools made exploratory analysis difficult. This caused the team to struggle with onboarding and general analysis. For Ankorstore, even something as simple as looking for a query was tricky. You couldn’t just search for your desired column, metric, query table etc. and share it with the person you’re working with.

The Solution

The Ankorstore team decided to adopt Secoda to keep track of common metrics, data documentation, tables and charts. By creating collections in Secoda, the Ankorstore team has been able to orginize their data knowledge in a place where every employee has access to. 

Leveraging Secoda to create a central metrics repository

Secoda’s business user-friendly interface, coupled with its core features -- dictionaries, search, cataloguing, version history and shareable queries -- made it easy for all users to get started with data at Ankorstore and make smarter decisions faster. Secoda now serves Ankorstore as their one stop shop data portal and all new employees join Secoda as part of their onboarding to the company.

The Results

Ankorsore initially piloted a paid plan for their core data team. After a successful pilot, the team expanded Secoda to over 200 people on their team and adds new users to Secoda as part of their onboarding to Ankorsore. Secoda proved to be the most suitable platform for finalizing the democratization of data access through a free trial at Ankorstore. With Secoda, over 200 end-users have access to metrics, tables, and charts. The confusion around metrics, OKR and KPIs is long behind the team at Ankorstore with all the mission-critical information at every employee's fingertips.

By implementing data-driven product decisions, Ankorstore has experienced reduced costs, increased productivity, and decreased time to insight:

  • 5 hours saved per week per analyst
  • 40% fewer questions to the data team
  • 3X Faster onboarding for new team members

Who is Secoda Ideal for? 

Those data teams that have to deal with unprecedented growth from their company will find Secoda an excellent solution. You should assess whether your data team is handling an increasing number of requests because it’s tough to find metrics that employees can refer to when onboarding. If that’s the case, it’s probably time to give Secoda a try.

This is because Secoda provides a space for all metrics, questions, data and documents in the same place that data documentation lives. It also provides powerful insights into how users interact with data resources, so data teams can start to spot trends and be proactive.