Connect dbt to Secoda

All your dbt data documentation and the rest of your data knowledge in one place: metadata, lineage, analysis, queries, charts, requests & more.

Trusted by data teams worldwide.

Before using Secoda

Our customers kept data documentation everywhere, and nothing worked. dbt and Snowflake for data cataloging, Google Sheets for events, Confluence for general knowledge, Slack to manage data requests, Jira, Github, emails, google docs, Asana, stickies on a wall, whiteboards, meeting after meeting, the list goes on and on.

After adding dbt to Secoda

You and your team can work better together. Secoda connects to your YAML documentation to display column level lineage, docs, tests and tags in one place that is connected to the rest of your data stack and searchable by anyone.

Search, understand and find your data in one place

Secoda's data portal keeps all your data automatically documented so you never have to worry about documentation getting out of date ever again.

Secoda's data catalog gives teams a complete view of metadata, lineage, data usage and more. Teams can connect their data and automatically get a data catalog in less than 5 minutes

Build a central data glossary for your entire data stack

Use Secoda to centralize all your modern data stack tools in one place with no code integrations that allow you and your team to centralize all your data knowledge in minutes.

Instead of jumping between Jira, Slack, and Google Forms, teams can manage the entire data requests process with Secoda and never answer the same question twice. No more losing requests.

Manage your data knowledge like a team 10 times your size

Document your data dictionary and reference your definitions throughout your knowledge base. See who created a definition, how to calculate it and what resources it references automatically.

Instead of jumping between Jira, Slack, and Google forms, teams can manage the entire data requests process with Secoda.

Use analysis docs to define your data knowledge in Secoda

Create data documents to highlight insights collected by the data team. Increase data discovery and reduce number of requests. Combines Notion-like documents with live queries and charts.

Tag teammates, resources, data, questions and common knowledge all in one, searchable repository.

Automatically generated ER Diagrams & column lineage from dbt

Secoda automatically creates ER diagrams for Postgres, MySQL, MS SQL, and Oracle databases. Secoda also generates column level lineage for data warehouses.

Automated lineage can be enhanced with manual additions as well as the Secoda Lineage API. Secoda also brings quality tests into lineage to help your team work smarter and stay ahead of any data issues.

Work better with a search for your dbt docs and YAML files

Secoda stands for searchable company data. Our mission is to make the experience of exploring, understanding and using data as intuitive, fast, and useful as a Google Search.

As a partner to your data warehouse, Secoda gives you a magnifying glass into your popular tables, dashboards, events, metrics and terms across all your data. This way, even the least technical teams can easily onboard and use data as confidently as they use Google.

No Code Integrations

Get started with Secoda in just a few minutes, with over 20 no code integrations