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Data stewardship for Amazon Glue

Data stewardship for Amazon Glue

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What is Amazon Glue

Amazon Glue is a fully managed ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) service that makes it easy to move data between different data stores. It is serverless, so it can be used to quickly and cost-effectively transform and move data at any scale. It can also be used to create and run ETL jobs to extract data from numerous data sources and migrate it between your data stores. Its automated features provide an intuitive user experience to automate the task of developing and managing ETL jobs.

Benefits of Setting up Data Stewardship in Amazon Glue

Data Stewardship is a cornerstone for successful data teams. It provides an organized, structured approach to ensure data integrity, accuracy and completeness across the entire data ecosystem. By utilizing data stewardship, organizations are able to establish roles and responsibilities for data stewardship, foster collaboration between departments and maintain data integrity across the organization. Data stewards are responsible for governing data quality, supporting data governance and metadata management, following privacy and security protocols, taking needed corrective actions and validating reports. Data stewardship helps organizations become data-driven by ensuring accurate and trustworthy data and allows data teams to make reliable and informed decisions. Finally, data stewardship provides transparency, allowing team members to understand their responsibilities and organizations to better track their success.

Why should you set up data stewardship for Amazon Glue

Data Stewardship is a key factor for Amazon Glue's success. Glue is designed to help customers analyze and access their data quickly and securely. Benefits of having Data Stewardship for Amazon Glue include better control of access to data, improved management of data assets, better data security and improved accuracy and privacy of customer data. Additionally, having Data Stewardship for Amazon Glue lends increased efficiency in the use of data. Data Stewardship enables organizations to make standard use of data in all systems, thus cutting down on costs related to duplication of data and using different sets of rules. Furthermore, Data Stewardship allows organizations to adhere to certain compliance standards, such as the General Data Protection Regulation, and meet customer requirements quickly and easily. Companies that have Data Stewardship in place on Amazon Glue gain competitive and cost-advantage in improving their data-driven initiatives.

How to set up

Data Stewardship in Secoda provides tremendous benefits to companies of all sizes. It provides a powerful platform for organizations to manage their data resources and ensure data accuracy with automated data discovery and classification capabilities. Data Stewardship in Secoda helps organizations to more efficiently identify, access and control critical data points, such as customer and financial records. This makes data availability and accuracy more consistent and allows Secoda users to access the right data more quickly. It also allows data governance processes to be more efficiently designed and enforced, which improves the company and its internal processes. Additionally, using data 'stewards' and secure access models enables better compliance and security of sensitive data, helping organizations meet changing legal and regulatory requirements. These benefits, taken together, create a secure, reliable and efficient service that meets the needs of the constantly evolving data-driven ecosystem.

Get started with Secoda

Secoda is an innovative data discovery tool that makes data exploration easy. With its automated process, it seamlessly integrates with the modern data stack, enabling users to access and analyze data quickly and efficiently. Its user-friendly interface allows those with minimal technical knowledge to explore data with ease. Secoda is the perfect choice for those wanting to unlock the full potential of their data.

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