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Data stewardship for Looker

Data stewardship for Looker

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What is Looker

Looker is an advanced data exploration platform that helps businesses make better decisions. With Looker's insights, companies can analyze and optimize data, gain key insights into customer behavior, and leverage real-time analytics. Looker also offers a highly intuitive user interface to simplify data exploration and reporting. It's an invaluable tool that has helped organizations across all industries unlock the full potential of their data.

Benefits of Setting up Data Stewardship in Looker

Data Stewardship is an important part of any successful data-driven organization. It helps ensure the consistent and secure use of data as well as its quality. Data stewardship also allows teams to manage the data within their organization, as well as between other organizations and departments. Data stewards act as a mediator between data requirements and data users, ensuring data isn’t misused or abused. Data stewards also provide guidelines and rules to the data-using teams, mitigating any potential risks. This helps improve the accuracy and consistency of the data, increasing its reliability and value. Furthermore, data stewards can protect the data from external threats, ensuring data is kept secure. Data Stewardship is an invaluable tool which provides a valuable service, helping to ensure data is effectively used and managed within a data-driven organization.

Why should you set up Data Stewardship for Looker

Data Stewardship for Looker is a powerful tool for businesses. It ensures the reliability and accuracy of data with the help of a centralized system and specialized personnel. With data stewardship, businesses can create, manage, and protect the different kinds of data that drive the core of the business. By having processes and procedures in place, businesses can better track and safeguard their data from unauthorized access. Data Stewardship also ensures that only authorized personnel can access the data, while also providing them with the necessary information they need to take the most effective actions with the data. This helps businesses remain compliant with data regulations, while streamlining the data management process. Furthermore, data stewardship helps organizations to better understand their data by providing reporting, analysis, and insights. This helps them make better-informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

How to set up

Data Stewardship in Secoda offers a number of benefits. Secoda's automated data discovery tool is designed to simplify complicated big data tasks by enabling users to quickly probe and interrogate business data to gain deeper insights. Data Stewards have an important role in ensuring the accuracy of data within the tool and ensuring any data being queried is reliable. Using Secoda can allow companies to quickly identify valid trends and outliers in their data and make business decisions with full transparency and no bias. Additionally, Data Stewardship allows for rigorous data governance processes to be implemented and automated for maximum performance. This ultimately results in Secoda providing reliable data sets, accurate analytics, and valuable insights quicker, with fewer risks of incorrect data and no human intervention required.

Get started with Secoda

Secoda is an innovative data discovery tool that automates the process of uncovering relevant data. It seamlessly integrates with the modern data stack, offering easy-to-use features and controls. Secoda provides powerful insights into the volumes of data already stored in an organisation, enabling them to make better decisions and improve performance through a streamlined, automated process.

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