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With Secoda, SaaS teams can better understand product, revenue and sales data in one place. Level up your data stack with the best tools for SaaS managers.

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Secoda for SaaS

With Secoda, equip your teams with the most powerful tool in their arsenal: your SaaS data. Build data literacy and empower all of your employees to use, understand and find company data with confidence.

Data Management

Stop using multiple tools to manage your data and how your team uses it. Secoda offers data governance, documentation, and discovery, all in one searchable repository.

Data teams can start onboarding new users faster and empower them to confidently navigate your company’s data.

Data Catalog

One central source for all of your data documentation and dictionary terms.

Data Lineage

A full view of table and column level lineage right alongside your documentation.

Data Governance

The ability to manage user permissions and sensitive data (PII).

Data Documentation

The data documentation and catalog that every modern data team needs— robust embedding, collaboration, and metadata tools.

Use Secoda to organize your resources and interact with data that you trust.

Data Dictionary

A space for data terms to live and connect with relevant resources, right where your data is.

Data Documents

Leave documentation on columns, tables, queries, and entire datasets.

Data Collections

Group together data resources that are applicable to specific users.

Data Enablement

Confidently navigate your company data. One, central source for all of the data knowledge and answers to your questions.

Collaborate with others seamlessly— tag your teammates, assign them to questions and resources within Secoda.

Simple, no code set up

Secoda integrates with all the most popular data warehouses and tools used by modern teams.

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Connect your sources

Each connection takes less than 5 minutes to configure


Schedule your sync

Choose how often you want your metadata to be synced


Add context to your metadata

Add context to your metadata with tags, docs and queries


Publish your workspace

Publish your data portal and invite your teammates

Built for analytics engineers

Connect to anything

Out of the box integrations to all parts of your data stack. Secoda empowers you to work with all of your data sources seamlessly in one app. Your data is always stored by you. When a query is run, the Secoda backend proxies the request to your backend.

Built for collaboration between data and business teams

Secoda is the only version controlled data catalog that lets you set role-based permissions for each team member. Real-time multiplayer editing and async commenting makes it easy to get more done, faster.

AI Powered Data Discovery

Secoda AI combines LLM with a chat-based interface, providing teams with a user-friendly and comprehensive solution for data discovery.

With automated documentation, query writing and the ability to generate dbt code, this platform streamlines day-to-day tasks by allowing data teams to save time and allowing business users to answer their own questions about data