How To Connect Big Query To Secoda, a Modern Data Catalog

Connect Big query to Secoda to find your tables and metadata easily. You can use Secoda to understand how Big query tables connect to the rest of your data stack.

About the BigQuery Integration

With BigQuery, there's no infrastructure to set up or manage, letting you focus on finding meaningful insights using standard SQL


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Easily Integrate Your Favourite Tools With Secoda

Secoda is more than a data catalogue. Secoda is the place to organize company data knowledge. We’ve built Secoda as a single place for all incoming data and metadata, queries, docs and metrics a single source of truth.

How It Works

Secoda provides a seamless connection from Big Query directly to your Secoda data catalog. Once connected with both services, Secoda will automatically pull data from Big Query and add it into the data catalog, providing an easy-to-view and access solution to quickly find data within your organization. Additionally, the connection will keep updating and retrieving data from Big Query, keeping your data catalog up-to-date and organized to easily find what you need.

How to see Big Query data lineage

To view Big Query data lineage, Secoda's automated process helps to create a diagram of data flows as it moves from one source to another. This includes where the data comes from, how it is transformed, how it is stored and the various analytics operations that take place. This allows individuals to quickly and easily identify the various steps and components in the Big Query data lineage process, enabling them to trace data from its source to its ultimate destination.

Create a data dictionary for Big Query

Create a data dictionary for Big Query is an important and easy way to organize and access data. Secoda's easy to use and no code integrations make it easy to build a data catalog and provide a centralized view into your Big Query data. It ensures that all data points are standardized, so you can quickly understand the table, column and data type for all your Big Query datasets, allowing for faster and more efficient access and organization.

Share Big Query knowledge with everyone at your company

Sharing Big Query knowledge with everyone at your company can have immense benefits. It helps to build trust, understanding and interest among teams, and improves collaboration and communication within the organisation. It can also help to reduce misunderstandings, create a shared sense of purpose, and foster innovation. Most of all, a well-informed team is a strong and effective one!

Create a single source of truth based on Big Query metadata

A single source of truth based on Big Query metadata can provide businesses with a reliable and authoritative source of data. It streamlines data management, allowing for streamlined data access and functionality. Big Query Metadata enables the entire data infrastructure of an organization to be monitored, altered and updated in one unified sequence. This simplifies the process of retrieving, transforming and integrating data from disparate sources, providing a greater level of accuracy and insight into data operations.

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