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Get all your data testing, documentation, and profiling in Secoda.

About the Bigeye Integration

Bigeye is the data observability platform that helps teams measure, improve, and communicate data quality clearly at any scale.

How does the Secoda and Bigeye connection work

Secoda and Bigeye have a working connection that enables users to easily analyze and catalog their data. By linking these two applications, users are able to see at a glance what information they have, access the data quickly and accurately, and easily transfer the information from one system to another. This connection also makes it possible for users to automatically update the data when changes are made in the Bigeye interface, which is extremely helpful for staying on top of the latest information.

How to see Bigeye data lineage

Bigeye's data lineage diagrams are easy to navigate. Simply navigate to the "Data Lineage" tab from the left panel of Bigeye's graphical user interface, select the tables and fields you need to analyze, and Bigeye will automatically generate the data lineage diagram for you. It will visualize the data flow and relationships across fields of intersecting tables, helping you understand how and where your data is moving.

Create a data dictionary for Bigeye

A data dictionary for Bigeye should provide clear definitions for each of the data elements that comprise Bigeye's datasets. A data dictionary can make it easier for people to understand the data elements, their relationship to each other, and their role in the data landscape. The dictionary should include any titles, aliases, units, descriptions and definitions for each element. Additionally, data sources and specific usage restrictions, if any, should also be delineated as part of the dictionary. For a comprehensive data catalog, the data dictionary should be updated as new data elements are introduced or existing data elements are modified.

Share Bigeye knowledge with everyone at your company

Sharing Bigeye knowledge with everyone at the company can promote collaboration, foster creativity and empower employees to complete tasks more efficiently. Also, everyone in the company can both ask and answer questions about the performance of their work, which will lead to an improved work environment.

Create a single source of truth based on Bigeye metadata

Creating a single source of truth based on Bigeye metadata is invaluable for any business. Millions of useful and authoritative data points are integrated into the Bigeye platform, allowing companies to evaluate, track and manage their operations with precision accuracy. Bigeye not only creates a culture of streamlined data governance, but also reduces manual looping and duplication of data input. Utilizing a single source of truth is essential for data integrity, ensuring the validity of facts and findings.