Connect dbt to Secoda to associate dbt run, dbt data, dbt tests, information with a dataset in Secoda

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Connect dbt to Secoda to associate dbt run, dbt data, dbt tests, information with a dataset in Secoda

About the dbt Integration

The following information will be extracted from dbt and associated with the relevant dataset(s): link to dbt model code, dbt docs (will be put on the respective column/table description), dbt run status, dbt run start/finish time, dbt tests, Any downstream/upstream sources, dataset owner, dataset last updated time, dataset created at time.

How does the Secoda and dbt connection work

The integration of Secoda and dbt allows users to rapidly deploy models and automate their entire data pipeline. Secoda stores, catalogs and profiles data, while dbt uses SQL to transform it into usable insights. Together, Secoda and dbt provide an end-to-end solution, enabling efficient data analysis and delivery of results. This integration helps users to easily monitor, debug and deploy models, as well as providing an efficient way to automatically update analytics with the latest data and insights.

How to see dbt data lineage

Data Lineage Diagrams can be easily seen within Secoda. It generates a diagram that outlines the process of your data journey - from source to target. It makes visualizing data flows easy, helping to detect data inconsistencies and simplify troubleshooting. Data Lineage Diagrams can also be shared with stakeholders, making it easier to communicate the data migration process. With Secodka's automated feature, it's easy to visualize your data journey in one easy to understand diagram.

Create a data dictionary for dbt

Creating a data dictionary for dbt is a great way to organize and manage your data. Secoda's easy to use, no code integration makes it simple to create a data catalog that fits both your team's goals and use cases. With the data dictionary, you will be able to effectively store and find information quickly, enabling you to manage and improve the quality of data. Secoda's solution is highly secure, reliable, and supports all data types. With Secoda, you can easily and quickly create and maintain a data catalog while increasing overall data conformance and accuracy.

Share dbt knowledge with everyone at your company

Sharing dbt knowledge with everyone at the company can bring many benefits. It can help create a more efficient, collaborative, and informed workforce that is familiar with the same goals and data. This allows for better, collective problem solving and quick decision-making. It also leads to more efficient workflow and better outcomes.

Create a single source of truth based on dbt metadata

The creation of a single source of truth based on dbt metadata provides organizations with a reliable and consistent data structure. All dimensional data including facts, dimensions, and hierarchies can be maintained and updated from the same source. This simplifies the data landscape and provides more flexibility in terms of reporting and analysis. By centralizing the data in one place, data accuracy and insights discovery are drastically improved. With dbt, organizations can rest assured that their data is reliable and accurate.