Connect Fivetran to Secoda to easily search for all your ETL information in Secoda.

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Connect Fivetran to Secoda to easily search for all your ETL information in Secoda.

About the Fivetran Integration

Effortlessly centralize all the data you need so your team can deliver better insights, faster.

How does the Secoda and Fivetran connection work

Secoda and Fivetran work together to quickly and easily connect your organization's data sources with a single platform. Secoda's data catalog helps organize and classify the data, while Fivetran provides the secure connection between the data sources, making it easy to query and share data in the Secoda catalog. This ensures up-to-date and accurate data from multiple sources, giving teams and businesses access to the information they need quickly and efficiently.

How to see Fivetran data lineage

Fivetran data lineage can be accessed and viewed right within Secoda. Secoda automatically generates a diagram which displays the connections between each data source and its transformations. This helps users to quickly understand their data flow and allows greater visibility into the underlying data. Additionally, Secoda highlights any issues in the data pipeline and suggests troubleshooting steps. In this way, the data lineage diagram helps to improve data governance and compliance.

Create a data dictionary for Fivetran

A data dictionary is a crucial part of all data catalogs, and Fivetran provides users with the ability to create one quickly and easily through its no-code integration tools. With Secoda, users can quickly connect their source data to Fivetran and create a comprehensive data dictionary within minutes. The data dictionary will provide important information such as the source of the data, the data type, compression type, and more, giving users a better understanding of their data. Thanks to Fivetran, creating a data dictionary for a data catalog is simple, efficient, and secure.

Share Fivetran knowledge with everyone at your company

Sharing Fivetran knowledge with everyone at your company has numerous benefits. It allows for increased transparency, improved collaboration and a better understanding of the tools and processes for those unfamiliar with it. It also saves time, ensures everyone is up to date, and fosters creativity and innovation.

Create a single source of truth based on Fivetran metadata

Creating a single source of truth from Fivetran metadata ensures data accuracy, consistency, and availability. Centralizing data management through a single system allows users to quickly access, analyze, and update relevant data more efficiently. Utilizing Fivetran for a single source of truth increases data integrity and establishes a foundation for better business decisions. Automated data ingestion and intelligent transformations empower immediate storage needs and powerful insights. Ultimately, Fivetran encourages a solid data foundation built on trust, accuracy and security.