Hex (coming soon)


Hex is a collaborative data platform that brings everyone together to explore, analyze, and share.

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Hex (coming soon)


Hex is a collaborative data platform that brings everyone together to explore, analyze, and share.

About the Hex Tech Integration

Connect Hex to Secoda to find your queries, dashboards and visualizations easily. You can use Secoda to understand how Hex connects to the rest of your data stack.

How does the Secoda and hex-tech connection work

Secoda and Hex-Tech use a combination of data catalog, curation and AI to create a powerful connection that quickly accesses and creates insights from data. Secoda indexes, organizes and curates data, while Hex-Tech applies advanced analytics and AI techniques to uncover structured and unstructured insights. This connection enables organizations to quickly access and visualize their data, making the data more accessible and useful.

How to see hex-tech data lineage

To see hex-tech data lineage, create a new project in Secoda and add the data sources, transformations and output destinations. This will help construct a data flow diagram to visualize the entire process. Then, use drag-and-drop to define the relationships between the various data sources and transformations, as well as link the outputs to the respective data sources. This will create the data lineage diagram you are seeking. Finally, click on the Generate button to view the lineage diagram.

Create a data dictionary for hex-tech

A data catalog for hex-tech can be easily created using Secoda. It allows users to easily integrate with no code required and offers an easy to use interface. It allows users to store and organize metadata, quickly find a variety of data formats, and assign access rights. With Secoda, users can create a data dictionary of hex-tech that offers an efficient way of organizing data and providing information to stakeholders.

Share hex-tech knowledge with everyone at your company

Sharing hex-tech knowledge within a company is a great way to promote collaboration and innovation. It allows everyone to stay updated on the latest trends, resources and ideas and to have a deeper understanding of the scope of the project. It helps teams to work better together and to think outside the box, leading to improved productivity and new creative solutions to problems.

Create a single source of truth based on hex-tech metadata

Hex-tech metadata can provide an invaluable single source of truth to help strengthen data practices across an organization. Hex-tech enables decentralized teams to standardize their data and make critical decisions faster. With added real-time data validation, teams can trust the accuracy of their decisions and take efficient and effective actions. Hex-tech provides secure, accurate data that can be used to build a reliable and robust single source of truth.