How To Connect Hive To Secoda, a Modern Data Catalog

Connect Secoda to Hive to find your tables and metadata easily. You can use Secoda to understand how Hive tables connect to the rest of your data stack.

About the Hive Integration

Hive data warehouse software facilitates reading, writing, and managing large datasets residing in distributed storage using SQL


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Easily Integrate Your Favourite Tools With Secoda

Secoda is more than a data catalogue. Secoda is the place to organize company data knowledge. We’ve built Secoda as a single place for all incoming data and metadata, queries, docs and metrics a single source of truth.

How It Works

The Secoda and Hive connection allows for streaming data to be validated and organized via Hive. This allows data to be easily stored, broadcasted and organized as Secoda allows for quick access to information within seconds of it arriving. With its auto-validation and sorting capabilities, users can quickly compile and organize the information, allowing maximum efficiency with their data analyzing.

How to see Hive data lineage

To see Hive data lineage, use Secoda. First, connect your data sources. Next, configure mappings to generate the visual data lineage diagram. Last, view data relationships at the table and column-level to get a full picture of how data is being used. Secoda makes it easy to quickly explore and understand data lineage, letting you uncover any hidden or unexpected relationships.

Create a data dictionary for Hive

Secoda's no code integration helps users quickly and securely create a data dictionary for Hive. Our intuitive platform allows users to discover, prepare and enrich data before storing into their Hive warehouse. Our powerful cataloguing capabilities can provide the ability to analyze your data, reduce data redundancy, organize data relationships and enhance security & compliance. With Secoda, users have full control of their data asset inventories, allowing for faster and more accurate insights.

Share Hive knowledge with everyone at your company

Sharing Hive knowledge with everyone at your company enables a more collaborative and connected workplace. It facilitates communication, encourages new ideas and insights, and encourages cross-functional collaboration. This, in turn, increases efficiency, productivity and innovation in the workplace, while also making learning easier and more effective.

Create a single source of truth based on Hive metadata

Creating a single source of truth based on Hive metadata allows organizations to have an authoritative source of information that is consistent and reliable across all data systems. Hive metadata provides data-driven information, such as Database List, Database Size, Table List, Table partitions and properties, ensuring that an organization always has accurate, up-to-date data. Additionally, the Hive metadata layer can enable organizations to keep track of all changes made to their data environment, making data easy to access and audit.

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