How To Connect Mixpanel To Secoda, a Modern Data Catalog

Pull in boards, reports, and events from your Mixpanel projects, as well as number of views, owners, descriptions, and lineage. Supplementary documentation can be added to your boards, reports and events to provide even more context to your users.

About the Mixpanel Integration

Connect Mixpanel to Secoda to provide deep insights into user behavior, and help your team make data-driven decisions and drive growth. By integrating Mixpanel with Secoda, your team will have access to metadata from your Mixpanel projects and be able to add context in Secoda to this metadata, so that every user can understand what is going on at a glance.

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Easily Integrate Your Favourite Tools With Secoda

Secoda is more than a data catalogue. Secoda is the place to organize company data knowledge. We’ve built Secoda as a single place for all incoming data and metadata, queries, docs and metrics a single source of truth.

How It Works

Keep your team organized by integrating Mixpanel with Secoda. Secoda brings in a ton of valuble Mixpanel metadata, including your projects and boards, as dashboards in Secoda. Now your team can add supplementary context, documentation and more to help keep everyone up to speed on your Mixpanel metadata.

Add context to your Mixpanel metadata

Secoda is able to bring in Mixpanel projects, boards, impacts, insights, events and even more into Secoda. With all that metadata now living in Secoda, you’ll be able to add invaluble context to this information. New team members, business users, stakeholders, and future team members will thank you for the additional context that can truly help them understand your company’s data and metadata.

Understand Mixpanel lineage with Secoda

By integrating Mixpanel and Secoda, you’ll be able to see how charts and boards, events and impacts, and events and flows are connected in Mixpanel. Get a full picture of how all of your data in Mixpanel is connected, and understand the impact of any changes befoe you even make them.

See Mixpanel insights, funnels, flows and retention

With Secoda, you can see Mixpanel insights, funnels, flows and retention, on top of other metadata. Conveniently brought in as Charts in Secoda, you’ll be able to get a quick visualization without leaving the tab you’re in. You can also add further documentation, to make sure every user understands what they are looking at.

Make sense of all your data knowledge in minutes