How To Connect Mode To Secoda, a Modern Data Catalog

Connect Mode to Secoda to find your queries, dashboards and visualizations easily. You can use Secoda to understand how Mode connects to the rest of your data stack.

Mode and Secoda Integration

Run fast, advanced analysis by seamlessly switching between a cloud-based SQL Editor, Python & R notebooks, and interactive visualizations.


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Easily Integrate Your Favourite Tools With Secoda

Secoda is more than a data catalogue. Secoda is the place to organize company data knowledge. We’ve built Secoda as a single place for all incoming data and metadata, queries, docs and metrics a single source of truth.

How It Works

Mode is connected to Secoda through an API integration. This allows users to dynamically pull data from Secoda into their Mode workspace, making it simple to visualize and analyze complex datasets. Secoda also provides workflow automation capabilities which let users quickly gather, analyze, and report data, saving time and effort. By connecting Metabase to Secoda, users can quickly create dashboards and export data rapidly.

How to see Mode data lineage

Using Secoda, it’s easy to visualize data lineage. Once you connect your data, you can interact with your data flow diagram. When you select multiple data points, a single diagram is generated that reveals all of your connections and dependencies. By seeing this data lineage, you can better understand how and where data is sourced and utilized. This is an important tool that helps with compliance and analytics.

Create a data dictionary for Mode

Secoda is a great tool for creating a data dictionary. Easily connect to data sources, automatically detect data schemas, and create rich, interactive data dictionaries. With Mode, users can add descriptions, typologies, notes, and visuals to their data so they can better understand it and create better analysis. Mode's easy to use, no code interface makes data cataloging quick and easy.

Share Mode knowledge with everyone at your company

Sharing knowledge with everyone at your company is very beneficial. It can help to boost employee morale, increase productivity, and lead to better communication and collaboration. Employees learn from each other and develop new skills, and everyone gains a better understanding of the company as a whole. In the end, this can benefit the company's performance and bottom line.

Create a single source of truth based on Mode metadata

Creating a single source of truth based on Mode metadata is important to better inform business decisions and decisions makers. Mode's metadata infrastructure allows for data to be accessed and synchronized across different platforms and applications. Setting up a single source of truth in Mode's metadata allows users to make decisions with clean, reliable data, which can enable teams to make better decisions with confidence. This data can also be used to track changes, identify patterns, and quickly make adjustments.

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