Power BI


The Power BI integration will pull information related to your reports and put them into their own page on the Secoda UI.

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Power BI


The Power BI integration will pull information related to your reports and put them into their own page on the Secoda UI.

About the Power BI Integration

We automatically extract reports, owner, created date, last modified date, number of views description, and additional information about the connected datasets.

How does the Secoda and power-bi connection work

The Secoda and Power BI connection works by allowing Secoda users to seamlessly connect to their Power BI datasets. Secoda makes it easy to search, discover, and explore datasets stored in Power BI. Users can quickly add/edit metadata or change permissions with just a few clicks. Secoda enhances Power BI's capabilities by enabling enterprise-grade search, access control, alerts and notifications, and much more.

How to see power-bi data lineage

Power BI data lineage can be easily visualized with Secoda's automated solution. With just a few clicks, users can choose a desired timeframe, instantly visualizing all the data sources, transformations, and destinations involved. The diagrams are also interactive and customizable, allowing users to delve further into any part of the data pipeline, helping them gain greater insight into their data and how it affects their business outcomes.

Create a data dictionary for power-bi

A data dictionary for Power BI is an essential step towards simplifying data management and visualizations. Secoda makes it easy with intuitive and easy to use, no-code integrations. The data dictionary allows you to collect consolidated and easy to interpret metadata, maintain control and visibility over your data assets, enrich your workflow for better insights, and enable users to become more effective and efficient with their data analysis.

Share power-bi knowledge with everyone at your company

Sharing Power-BI knowledge with your company allows everyone to keep on top of the latest data trends, utilize the most efficient business intelligence tools, and make the best decisions for their company. This transparency across departments helps improve collaboration, reduces data silos and streamlines data management.

Create a single source of truth based on power-bi metadata

Creating a single source of truth based on Power BI metadata provides clarity and helps ensure that organizational data is unified, accurate and up-to-date. Power BI not only helps to manage, transform and visualize data; but, it can also be used to establish data governance and trust. Power BI metadata also allows for discovery of data lineage, enabling users to understand how data moves from one system to another. It is critical for successful data governance.