What is the BETWEEN operator in BigQuery?

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May 2, 2024

What is the BETWEEN operator in BigQuery?

The BETWEEN operator in BigQuery is used within the WHERE clause of a SQL query. It is used to filter the results of a query based on a range condition that is applied to a specific column, referred to as the column_name argument. This range condition specifies the start and end values that the data in the column must fall between in order for the row to be included in the query results.

  • The BETWEEN operator is particularly useful when working with data that is ordered or has a natural progression, such as dates or numbers.
  • It is important to note that the values specified in the BETWEEN operator are inclusive. This means that the start and end values are included in the range.
  • The syntax for using the BETWEEN operator is: column_name BETWEEN start_value AND end_value.

How to use the BETWEEN operator with a date in BigQuery?

To use the BETWEEN operator with a date in BigQuery, you would specify the date column in the WHERE clause, followed by the BETWEEN operator and the start and end dates. For instance, to select all data from the last 15 days, you would use the DATE_SUB function to subtract 15 days from the current date, and use the current date as the end value.

What are some other BigQuery operators?

BigQuery supports a wide range of operators for manipulating and comparing data. Some of these include the SELECT AS VALUE operator, which produces a value table from a SELECT list that produces exactly one column, and the DATE_ADD and DATE_SUB functions, which add or subtract a specified interval from a date.

How to manage datasets using the BigQuery Data Transfer Service?

The BigQuery Data Transfer Service allows users to manage their datasets. To use this service, users can navigate to the Data transfers page, click on Create a transfer, select Dataset Copy in the Source list, and enter a name for the transfer run in the Display name field.

How does Secoda enhance the utilization of BigQuery?

Secoda enhances the utilization of BigQuery by providing a range of data management features. These include data discovery, automation, integration, and centralization. Through its seamless integration with BigQuery, Secoda allows users to verify the reliability and accuracy of their data.

  • Secoda's data search, catalog, lineage, monitoring, and governance features enable users to effectively manage and track their data.
  • Its automated workflows and Secoda AI streamline data management processes and provide insights.
  • The data requests portal and role-based permissions ensure secure and controlled access to data.

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