How to Configure dbt for an Oracle Connection

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May 10, 2024

How to Configure DBT for an Oracle Connection?

To set up dbt for an Oracle connection, you need to create a data source connection. This involves selecting Oracle from the list of drivers and entering the Oracle user name, password, and TNS name. After this, you can import the schema to complete the configuration.

  • Data Source Connection: This is the initial step in configuring DBT for an Oracle connection. It involves establishing a link between DBT and Oracle.
  • Oracle Drivers: Drivers are software components that allow DBT to interact with the Oracle database. They must be selected from the list during the configuration process.
  • Importing Schema: After setting up the connection and selecting the drivers, the next step is to import the schema. This is a crucial step as it defines the structure of the database.

What is the Role of Oracle Instant Client Libraries?

Oracle Instant Client libraries provide network connectivity that allows dbt-oracle to access an Oracle Database instance. They support various versions and are available on Linux, Windows, and macOS. You can download an Oracle “Basic” or “Basic Light” zip file that matches your Python 64-bit or 32-bit architecture.

  • Network Connectivity: Oracle Instant Client libraries enable dbt-oracle to communicate with an Oracle Database instance over the network.
  • Version Support: The libraries support Oracle client libraries versions 21, 19, 18, 12, and 11.2.
  • Platform Compatibility: Oracle Instant Client libraries are compatible with Linux, Windows, and macOS (Intel x86).

What is the dbt-oracle Adapter?

The dbt-oracle adapter is a Python package that contains the core dbt libraries and an adapter for connecting to on-premises and cloud Oracle databases. It is a crucial component in the dbt-Oracle setup as it enables the connection between dbt and Oracle databases.

  • Python Package: The dbt-oracle adapter is a Python package, making it compatible with Python-based applications and environments.
  • Core dbt Libraries: The adapter includes the core dbt libraries, which are essential for the functioning of dbt.
  • On-premises and Cloud Oracle Databases: The dbt-oracle adapter allows for connections to both on-premises and cloud Oracle databases, providing flexibility in database management.

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