How to Create a Repository for dbt Installation

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May 10, 2024

How can users install dbt from source using dbt Developer Hub?

Users can install dbt from source via the dbt Developer Hub by cloning repositories from GitHub and installing the local version using pip. This method is particularly useful when users want to install dbt from a specific commit or access the latest code. It is often used when contributing changes or debugging a previous change.

  • GitHub as the Git provider: Users create a repository using GitHub. This platform allows users to clone and manage repositories for installing dbt.
  • Public Repository: The repository is set to public to facilitate sharing with others. This is crucial for collaborative projects or open-source contributions.
  • Command Line Installation: Users save commands from "…or create a new repository on the command line" for later use in committing changes. This is a key step in the installation process.

What are the alternative methods to install dbt Core on the command line?

Users have the option to install dbt Core on the command line using Homebrew, pip, or a Docker image. Homebrew simplifies the installation process but may take longer as it handles more setup. For dependencies only supported on Intel processors, installation via Homebrew with Rosetta on an M1 Mac is recommended.

  • Homebrew: A package manager that simplifies the installation of software on macOS. It automates the setup process, making it easier for users.
  • Pip: A package installer for Python. Users can use pip to install dbt Core from the command line.
  • Docker Image: Users can also use a Docker image to install dbt Core. Docker allows for the packaging and distribution of applications in containers.

How can users develop locally using the dbt Cloud CLI?

Users can develop locally using the dbt Cloud CLI, a command line tool that lets users run dbt commands. The dbt Cloud CLI is specifically designed for dbt Cloud's infrastructure and integrates seamlessly with all its features.

  • dbt Cloud CLI: A command line tool that allows users to run dbt commands. It is tailored for dbt Cloud's infrastructure.
  • Local Development: Using dbt Cloud CLI, users can develop locally. This provides a convenient and efficient development environment.
  • Integration: The dbt Cloud CLI integrates with all dbt Cloud features, providing a comprehensive tool for users.

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