Metaphor vs. Secoda: What are the differences?

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A Brief Overview

Secoda is a data catalog tool that allows you to put all of your company data in one searchable, intuitive, and collaborative tool. Secoda offers a robust suite of features, making it easy and simple for your teams to understand, discover, and share data.

The choice of a data catalog tool is an important one and there are a lot of options to weigh. When you’re deciding which data catalog tool is right for you, you may look at alternatives like Metaphor. Secoda has numerous features that Metaphor and other tools don’t offer. Let’s take a look at some of the differences between the two:

Why People Choose Secoda versus Competitors Like Metaphor?

People choose Secoda over competitors like Metaphor because of the tools and features that Secoda includes. Here are some of the features you get when you go with Secoda:

Charting + querying abilities

Data tools should make charting and querying your data intuitive. With Secoda, you get advanced charting and querying abilities that anyone on your team can use and understand.

Unlimited viewers + guests

Secoda makes pricing simple. Unlike other platforms, you don’t have to pay for more viewers. Secoda provides you with unlimited viewers and guests from the start.

Simple, no code set up

Secoda is easier to set up than any data catalog tool on the market. There’s no complicated setup or coding required. You can get set up in just minutes.

Customer links and invitations

If you’re needing to share data with customers, Secoda makes it easier. Generate customer links and invitations and make it easy for them to access the data they need.

Workspace analytics

Secoda provides you with comprehensive workspace analytics, giving you in-depth data knowledge that all of your teams can use.

Version control with Git

Secoda is easy to integrate with Git and provides version control. This way you can merge and roll back changes to previous versions if needed.

Data Q&A and Requests

Data Q&A and requests are much more intuitive with Secoda. Your data team doesn’t need to answer as many requests, since Secoda can take care of them instead. Free up bandwidth for your data team and prevent data team request bottlenecks for the rest of your company.

Flexible, Notion-like docs

Secoda makes collaboration and documentation simple, providing you with flexible, Notion-like docs that your whole team can access and update.

Confluence / Jira integrations

Unlike tools like Metaphor, Secoda can integrate with tools like Confluence and Jira.

Discover and Understand All of Your Data in One Place

Secoda is built to be used by business users and data teams alike. We stand for “searchable company data” and we believe everyone on your team should be able to discover, search, and understand data in one intuitive platform.

With Secoda, there’s no second-guessing data or wondering where data comes from. You can easily see lineage, the source of the data, and query data that you need. Secoda makes data knowledge as intuitive and straightforward as possible.

Collaborate With Your Team and Document Changes

Secoda is a holistic platform built for collaboration. Your teams will all be able to connect and share their data knowledge. When everyone has access to the data catalog, there’s less duplicate data, crossed wires, and confusion. Your teams will have a single source of truth where they can share data, make updates and changes to documents, and much more. Secoda makes sure everyone is on the same page.

Make Your Data Easily Searchable

Secoda allows your data to be accessible and searchable by your team, providing one platform for your data catalog, data documentation, data dictionary, and data management.

Data discovery is easier for non-technical users and data teams have more tools than ever to get in-depth insights. When data is easily searchable and democratized, it also means fewer requests for your data team, freeing up their bandwidth and empowering other team members to make data-driven decisions without having to rely on them.

Easily Integrate With Other Tools You’re Already Using

Secoda is built to integrate with the tools you already use, so your workflows are only improved rather than radically changed. Secoda can integrate with Slack, Linear, Jira, Confluence, Notion, and more.

This makes accessing data much simpler and intuitive for your entire team.Users won’t have to jump between tools when they can manage everything from one platform. This also makes sure data requests, updates, and other changes don’t get lost in the shuffle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Secoda?


There are numerous benefits of using Secoda. Here are some of the key benefits you’ll get when you add Secoda to your software stack: “Searchable company data” is our name and it shows. We make it extremely easy to search data and make it accessible to the users in your company who need it.

Our holistic platform is collaborative and searchable for all the data knowledge you need, not just technical metadata.

Secoda easily integrates with the important tools that you’re already using.

Secoda is easy to set up and use. We don’t charge for extra viewers and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting at our price point.In short, if you’re looking for a way to manage your data catalog, lineage, docs, dictionary, analysis, and data requests in one platform, Secoda is your solution.

How is Secoda different from Metaphor?


Secoda differs from Metaphor in quite a few key ways. Secoda doesn’t limit your viewers, offers advanced charting abilities, is easy to set up, and includes advanced workspace analytics. Here are some of the other benefits that Secoda offers over Metaphor:Customer links and invitations - Share links with customers to show them data they need to seeVersion control with Git - Rollback and merge Git changes with version controlFlexible, Notion-like docs - Make sure teams are on the same page with flexible Notion-like documentation Confluence / Jira integrations - Integrate key tools like Confluence, Jira, and more.API access - Secoda provides Business and Enterprise users with API access

What makes Secoda a better alternative to Metaphor?


Secoda is a better alternative to many data catalog tools such as Metaphor because it offers more features, versatility, and ease of use than the others. With Secoda, you can easily get set up without interrupting your current workflows and your teams will be more empowered to utilize company data like never before.

What metadata does Secoda extract?


Secoda does not pull in your data. Instead, Secoda pulls in metadata about your data. For a majority of the integrations connected to Secoda, this means Secoda pulls in resource names, popularity, lineage, queries, descriptions and frequent usage. For more information about our integration, you can visit our integration docs.

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