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Secoda helps teams of all sizes capture their data knowledge with core features built to make finding, using and understanding data simple.

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The all-in-one data knowledge base

Easy Integrations
Universal data search
Data catalog
Data dictionary
SQL notebooks
Role based permissions
Data lineage
Data requests
Data documentation
Data access controls
Open API
Table analysis

Easy to use data catalog

Secoda's data catalog gives teams a complete view of metadata, lineage, data usage and more. Teams can connect their data and get a data catalog in less than 5 minutes

No code integrations
Simple metadata search for all employees
Instant lineage, governance, PII tagging and insights

Rich SQL analysis documents

Create rich analysis in Secoda to highlight insights collected by the data team. Enhance your analysis with our data doc, which combines Notion like documents with live queries and charts.

Live queries, charts and documents in one place
Tag resources, people or data definitions in your docs
Share analysis and data documents with your team

Easy to use data dictionary

Document your data dictionary and reference your definitions throughout your knowledge base. See who created a definition, how to calculate it and what resources it references automatically.

Tag resources with data definitions
Search for your data knowledge directly in Slack.
Documentation and schema changes notifications

Data request process automation

Say goodbye to repetitive questions, lengthy onboarding, and scattered docs. Secoda lets you automate data questions and support employees when and where they need it.

Make old requests searchable in a central knowledge repository
Link associated resources, analysis, tables and definitions to answers
Create an intake form to manage data requests

20+ no-code integrations

Get started with Secoda in just a few minutes, with over 20 no code integrations